This show is one of the most mindless pieces of garbage I’ve ever seen and yet I can’t stop watching it. It’s like the worst junk food imaginable.

It looks to be basically gratuitous gender bending blended into softcore lesbian porn

That’s exactly what it is. There was an intriguing story under it… which just got scrapped for one big lesbo fuck-fest (figuratively speaking) at the end. Lame. Kind of.

It’s not really the kind of show I was hoping to follow Toradora with.

Welcome to the wondrous land of novel-to-anime adaptation plot-crunching and lobotomies. Studio Nomad is still kind of new at raping things though, which is why you first saw a sliver of hope, you should see some of J.C. Staff’s work. They managed to make a swordsman suicidally fighting seventy thousand enemies into an afterthought sequence in favor of showing more boobs, a story about a dead guy and a monster hunting swordswoman into “girls think about romantic issues for 24 chapters”, and my personal favorite, “bloodcrazed assassin slaughters an eldritch abomination” into “emo kid stabs old dude in the back”. Truly, a new form of art!

To be fair, there really wasn’t much of a “plot” to begin with.

Also, I will admit, I have no loving idea what series you’re referencing there (probably because I tend to avoid J.C. Staff like the plague).

JC Staff is responsible for some of my favorite shows (least of which is Azumanga, and I believe Slayers). I too would like to know which series you’re referencing.

Edit: I lied, they only did the newest incarnation of slayers. But they did do Excel Saga and Snow Fairy Sugar. So my point still stands.

The first time when i heard the title name of this series , the first thing came running through my head was some random blue coloured zeon mobile suit that appeared from the gundam: war in the pocket OVA series by the way, does the title of this series has something to do with the german word for “fighter” or something?

They’re human tools used for fighting. a “red” team is required to fight a “blue” team… when they’re not getting naked for episodes at a time.