I made up the name Kaiser but then I added Basara at the end because I think Basara from macross is cool

But Kaiser sounds cooler and quicker to spell. Plus, Basara isn’t THAT cool.

But there’s probably a lot of other people called Kaiser. Plus, it would make it confusing to log in places since I’d have KaiserBasara as one name and Kaiser as other names oth er places

PS How can I view the poll results without having to answer

I voted for the latter because if anything Kaiser Von Almeisy holds claim to the title Kaiser.

I suggest a third option: Basara. Just Basara.

Kaiser-Permanente is the name of a drug production company.

Kaiser Soze.


Oh oh oh!

Kaiser Roll!

Kaiser… meh, I got nothing.

Basara is a loudmouth

I’d make it Kaiser if nobody else was called that

I kinda like that “Ultima Bus” that’s in your sig. It’s got a ring to it. Nobody would mess with a guy who called himself that. ULTIMA BUS: A name of POWER!

DerKaiser/Kaiser von Almasy is Kaiser. So you can’t use it.



Two men enter, one man leave!

I vote 3rd option: Basara

I wish I would have called myself FallenKaiser since the beginning

Do you think most web sites allow spaces on your user name, because if that’s true, it’d be Fallen Kaiser

No name- stealing! Make it basara, pronto

You didn’t make up the name Kaiser.

Har, Har. I can’t wait to see them cross swords till one them gets beheaded.

Kaiser…it just sounds cooler.Basara just reminds me of that over-hormoned guy from yuyu hakusho