Kagato's Summer Vacation NES Review Extravaganza: Need Suggestions

Hey hey HEY! Guess what time it is!!!

NO, it’s not “What’s on your Winamp”



And I need suggestions for what my wit and parodoical intellect can main and maul and tear their asses all the way back to their cartridge memory!!!

I already have done…

8 Eyes
Adventures of Musashi
Adventure Island 4
Bionic Commando
Bomberman 2
Digdug 1
Digdug 2
Donkey Kong
Ghosts and Goblins
Kid Icarus
Legend of Zelda
Little Nemo
Megaman (entire series)
Rainbow Islands
Techno’s Samurai (River City Ransom Sequel)
Wizards and Warriors
Paperboy (done some time ago, but don’t have it anywhere…)

I had some others mentioned before, I can’t remember them though. So start submitting!!! blows flugle horn fanfare

Senior Song Update - Still on Bahamut Lagoon, but I have close to two minutes of audio now!!!

Do the rest of the Wizards and Warriors series.

Let’s see, Chip and Dale’s rescue rangers

Bad Dudes
Battle Toads

There’s tons of others but I think you ought to be able to get humor out of those.

Urban Champion
Donkey Kong 3

That’s all I can think of now but they should generate a few laughs.

The Castlevanias. There’s plenty of material right there.

Incidentally, Konami re-released all three NES Castlevanias, and both NES Contras, in one PC package. Look for it at your local Gamestop/EBGames.

X presents a very good challenge. The NES CVs are TOUGH as HELL without save states.

I suggest eating grapes. They taste good.

And Bionic Commando is one of the best games ever made.


Blaster Master…

I suggested this one before, but I will say it again…Darkwing Duck. I want the “real” story behind the man in the blue mask! Oh, and play Clash at Demonhead, it mess up. :smiley:


Gremlins 2.
Fester’s Quest.
G.I Joe games

I haven’t played some of them, but here’s an overview on what I think of these games so far as I know last time I played them.

Wizards and Warriors series - Good idea. I need to see if that Knight got his boots fixed :smiley:

Chip and Dale’s rescue rangers - thinking up a good one already

Bad Dudes - This review is going to get SO raped

Battle Toads - This one too

Urban Champion - Never heard of it yet…

Donkey Kong 3 - GWAA HAAA! plots and grins

The Castlevanias - The Castlevanias are almost the same as my 8 Eyes review. Just replace the bird with the whip.

Bionic Commando - It is a good game, but you might as well put the “Chrionic Commando” in a wheelchair for the game if he has to use a fuggin’ bungie chord to jump.

Blaster Master - :slight_smile:

Darkwing Duck - Rirse, I’m gonna get around to playing this one I SWEAR.

Gremlins 2. - Hadn’t played it yet either…

Fester’s Quest. - Niiiiiice

Faxanadu. - needs to get this one, too

G.I Joe games - same above

Clash at Demonhead - I can already say this game is the result of watching Akira on bad acid and helium

Willow - I don’t think I can diss this game. It’s one of my favorites and all. But I’ll see…

Thanks and keep 'em comin!

I suggest Action 52… the whole game is a horrible downward spiral of crappy programming, bad graphics, ripoffs of popular franchises and terrible control. The story behind the game is very entertaining as well.

I’ve never played Clash at Demonhead, and I barely remember anything about what it was supposed to be like. Maybe I’ll go and… LOOK IT UP!!

edit - about the W&W series. Kuros was trippin’ on something and talking to animals in Ironsword, and that damn Fire Fiend gave me motion sickness (which never happens) since I always bounced on it when I fought. The third one… shit, I don’t know what the hell was up with the third one. I hope you can tell me.

Pocky and Rocky?

Metal Gear, MG2: Snakes Revenge, and MG2 the original. You know, the one that WAS produced by Hideo.

Mappy-Land, Bayou Billy, Boulderdash, The Krion Conquest, Karnov, NARC, Bonk, Panic Resteraunt, Ghouls and Ghosts, Magmax.

If you cant find any of these, get ROMs. PM me and I’ll tell you a good site.

This is what I know about these so far…

Action 52 - Sounds like a plot to an episode of MST3K already

Pocky and Rocky - Is it for NES?

Mappy-Land - I only know it’s about a mouse

Bayou Billy - I never did get the damn whip. f**kin’ driving stages

Boulderdash - Nope. Don’t remember

The Krion Conquest - Don’t rember either

Karnov - Heard scarecly about it…

NARC - I already did this! But I still love the concept. KILL THE TRUE LIES LOOKING TERRORISTS AS YOU PLAY A SWAT TEAM MEMBER! I love the game.

Bonk - Harr. I can come up with some crazy innuendos with this.

Panic Resteraunt - Um…Burger Time?

Ghouls and Ghosts - Did this one too. Remember? Necrophile?

Magmax - Like Mighty Max with volcanos? Buh?

Metal Gears - ponders and grins evily

It’s going to be a LOOONG summer

Does that laughing Sabin mean you like the game or you don’t like it? :stuck_out_tongue:

A few of them are REALLY obscure, but I’d REALLY like to see you rip into them. :slight_smile:
Like I said, get ROMs if neccicary. I;m sure you could have a LOT of fun with some of these. :o

Oh, and I didnt see NARC or G&G on the list before. Sorry.

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention: Panic Resturaunt is not Burgertime. If you only do ONE that I suggest to you, do that one. :slight_smile: