Just wondering...

:moogle: Hello there! I’m new to these boards so I was wondering…

… how long does it take for a shrine reservation request to be answered?

Thanks in advance! :cool:

Not long. Maybe a day or two.

What game do you want to do?

Depends how busy the shrine dude is.

hmm, I sent the mail to Cidolfas…
I hope he isn’t too busy… :mwahaha:

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All right, you find a better word for it!


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Enjoy your stay.

There is no spoon: only Zuul.

Cid is a busy man.

Hello and welcome to RPGC. Since you got here during my absence, your shoes are your own.

uhm… what a bunch of…ah… “interesting” people… :slight_smile: :hahaha; :mwahaha: :hahaha;

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Hello, I am Phoenix Valkyrie, resident Heraldic Duelist and bishounen hunter.

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