Just wondering...

…what the basic for having your post count dropped is. Is it something the mods/admins do as a consiquence or is it just a flaw in the system? The title is my reason.
EDIT: Sorry if I’m being ignorant.

We use it as a form of punishment and entertainment. Also, posts on some forums don’t count.

To expand on what RPGD said, post counts are lowered when the admins feel that somebody has been a little too spammy. Lowering post counts is a good way to countereffect the people who simply post to make their post count grow. There is no flaw in vBulletin that causes it to lower by itself.

And, again, like RPGD said, some forums just don’t count for posts. This being one of them.

(he had nothing to say and just wanted to point out my change in names)

Dude, I’ve already pointed it out like 20 times. Merely a form of punishment ain’t enough. It’s the whole spam thing. With the things, and the things!