Just wanted to say thank you

I am reading The Colour of Magic now and I am loving it like I’ve never loved a book before. I love you people ^^ Thanks for the good reviews on that thread some days ago!

Read the Watch/Vimes arc next. It pwns like you wouldn’t believe.:cool: And you’re welcome.

Well, I just called… to say… I LOOOOOVEE YOUUU

Heh…a few days ago, I started reading The Light Fantastic. Funny how this all works out. :slight_smile:

In case anyone’s wondering, the colour of magic is octane (and not the carbohydrate)

You should have read Soul Music, not TCoM. Boo!

I’ll soon get to it, Nul. At the rate I read I’ll have done them all before the end of the year.

And Cless: my book says it’s octarine, not octhane.