Just so you know


I call the big one Bitey.

Nessa, what’s going on? Why all that anger?

I’m not angry. Sheesh, just because I tell the truth doesn’t mean I’m angry. Seriously.

P.S., Him gets the award for best sig. Not for the silly picture, the link, you fool!

She just wants attention, dont give it to her.

Aw, your image isn’t loading, I really wanted to see ants.jpg.

Awwwwww, but I wanted to give it to her. =(

Don’t listen to him! He’s trying to poison your minds with his neo-conservative views!! A hex on you, a hex!

Why? you file like drone ant colonies to your office in the sky… to her.

Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh(Am) not! Its for the good of RPGC, you will work harder for your queen!

Personally I would have gone with a picture of bees. They’re more of the mainstream vision of drones. Ants dont really get the message accross. I dont feel as insulted as I could feel, if you had used pics of bees. bees are cooler too!

But wasps actually have the droning sound effect thing, unlike bees, who buzz. But bees are cooler than wasps, cause they’re suicidal and stuff.

Wait wait wait…I’m a drone for what now? What the fuck did I miss? Also, it seems 98% of us missed out on whatever you’re freaking out about. All I know is Hades is involved and you want him dead or something.

OH god ants! ants! everywhere all over my body!

Hmmm… Let’s see… where did I put that thing…? Ah, found it! throws a laughing gas bomb at Nessa

your knowledge of WWII entertains me! Keep up the good work

hahahaha Admiral Nagumo. That was awesome :stuck_out_tongue: