Just joined up! FF lover extream!

Hiya!! CrystalRose here!!

yeah… ^^’ Noobie… raises Noobie shield

I’ve loved Final Fantasy since my mom bought the 1rst one of NES when I was… gosh… 5… 6? and I’ve stayed addicted ever since…

avid lover of Fantasy, Anime, and Yaoi dances

I already like it here since I’ve been looking around… I’ve always like RPGclassics which weirds me out when I realize I’ve never thought of actually coming here before this… is sad

but now I’m here!!! yay!!! and already it seems like there’s great people here that’ll be fun to talk to!!

can’t wait to start chatting!!

welp… until then!!!

This is your friendly neighborhood CrystalRose sayin’

“Why exactly is it that mog has a little ball on his head?” - Question for the ages

Hi there! Another person joining who introduces theirselves in the FF message boards…have a wonderful wierd time.

Hey! wecome, i hope u have a nice time here.

fresh meat. yay.

giggle meat huh?

pulls out Yaoi check out the defenses!!!


Thanks for the welcomes BTW