Just get a new computer

even if it’s not all that good, get a new one-you know one of the $500 bargan PCs, Dell has a few. Then all you have is your writers block ecsuse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Got $500 to spare?

If I did, do you think I would…not have a way to finish this thing? You could take donations? or just restart the thing, something I remember about excel saga…long time ago…ah well.

You could give him yours!
Then everyone would be happy!

I have over ten gigs worth of anime on my computer, UT2K4, and FFXI…I’m thinking the phase I am looking for is somewhere in the district of “Hell” and “no”.

I would but the cost of getting to spoons is a bit high. plus the fact that my Power unit is hard wired for Uk, not the USA.

Big Nutter
Anyway’s i might give some one else.

Pah, only ten gigs? Lightweight.

10 Gig’s thats about half my HD. Well that ok for it’s age.

Big Nutter
Note to self Upgrade for FF:XI

I just reccomend building your own if you know how, you could get an alright computer for that, or maybe a bit more.


If I give you 500$… can I be in the comic?