Just curious about your game opinion...

For those of you who have played the Breath of Fire series, what did you think about the games? I might buy one, and I’m not sure which one. I’ve played 1 and 2 before, and I liked 2 a lot more than 1.

edit - for you chatters, I know I’m redundant. I just like to solicit a lot of feedback, lol.

3 and 4 are pretty much similar to 1 and 2

I only played 1, 2 and 3 but I liked 3 best =)

Number two is better IMO… But it has the honor… the honor to have been my FIRST CONSOLE RPG EVER ;_; memories

Yeah. Get number two. Catgirls there too. Doh. Vicki might not have so much use for catgirls. Darn. BUT SHE HAS A REALLY HIGH ATTACK POWER :slight_smile: (and a low low stamina…)

I’ve played 1, 3 and 4. I found #1 boring, but that may be cuz I played the other two (more modern) games first. #3 is one of the BEST games I’ve ever played; I love that you start the game as CHILDREN! The Dragon system and the graphics are pretty good too. #4 is similar to 3, but grimmer. I’d recommend #3.

Id buy 1 or 2-3 starts off fairly slow and kind of vague dull. Well it dude for me anyways. I hated the first part of the game, but loved the second part.

1 was nice because I don’t know it was just like the beginning and I remember watching my cousins play it when I was like 9. So it’s always beena favourite for me…then I came by 2 which was also very kick ass for different reasons. It just seemed modern for me.

I started playing 4 but it never caught my interest so I quite very early in the game.

1 and 2 and 3 all have the slow-in-the-beginning process where you’re nearly broke, you’re really weak and it takes forever to do stuff. Heh.(especially 3…that process really went over the top and that’s why I was so irritated with it)

My favorite was 3 with 4 a close second i loved the story for those two games,but i liked the dragon system and ending of 3 more than 4.Both are really great games.I cant say anything about the other two cause i havent finish them

Breath of Fire series is mostly mediocre…

Breath of Fire 1 had virtually no redeeming qualities about it, except for its graphics.

Breath of Fire 2 was sort of the same to me. It was cool that they sort of tackled religion in the story, since that wasn’t seen much at the time, but I think it was an agonizing game to play. I couldn’t finish it.

Breath of Fire 3, well, it’s hit-or-miss. You’re either gonna love it to pieces, or hate it, usually. I’m one of them that loves it all to pieces :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not exactly an AMAZING game, but it has its own really nice charm to it.

Breath of Fire 4 was a sort of step back from 3. The music was worse, the graphics were worse, and the gameplay was far more ridiculous. The game was easy and tedious, too. I particularly disliked it.

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is a good game, if you prefer the gameplay aspect of RPGs. While the story isn’t bad, and certainly wasn’t poorly written, it really isn’t all that spectacular. The combat engine, the music, graphics, and the overall feel of the game is great - the fighting is probly the best I’ve ever seen in any RPG ever, and the game really captures the mood it’s trying to portray. It’s a very advanced game, and it’s lightyears ahead of the other Breath of Fire games.

So, I would say, play 3, and play Dragon Quarter. :stuck_out_tongue: YOu’ve alerady tried 1&2, I personally think 4 is not worth your time.

Most fans of the BoF series think that 3 is the best. I don’t agree, but I can say that 3 and 4 are both lightyears ahead of 1 and 2. Since you prefer 2 (the darker of the two SNES ones), I would suggest playing both 3 and 4, since they were both relatively dark (well, the first half of 3 and the second half of 4 were, anyway).

If you don’t mind micro-managing your characters to get all the good skills, and you prefer a good battle system, then 3 is your best bet. Otherwise, take 4. The characters are more fully developed in 4, and the camerawork is less annoying.

There’s nothing spectacular to them. BoF3’s the one I like most. I played 1 briefly, so I can’t form an opinion. BoF2 was long, the story was semi unique, but it was a bit tedious, so I didn’t like it much by the end. I never played 4 and SG raves about how good 5 is, probably because of the gameplay. Overall the Bofs aren’t GREAT, but there’s worse. They’re mediocre, semi traditional RPGs.

I didn’t fail to mention that, either, chump :stuck_out_tongue: The story IS pretty good, though, but not because it’s overly well-written or anything (The premise is very mediocre :P), but rather, just cos it pays attention to really little details that most games shine over. FF10 did a good job of this too, so you might have an idea of what I’m talking about.

2 was my favourite. At the beginning it’s dull, but it’s great later.

I played all of the BoF series~ I like BoF 1-3 better, the 4 and 5 are kinda boring. BoF 1-3 sorta relate with each other storywise, whereas 4 and 5 have their own unique plot.

I personally LOVED #2. I haven’t played much on anything post-SNES (mostly because I’ve never had a PS or PS2 =/). I like BoF2 because it was the first “real” RPG I ever played (I had played FF: MQ, Secret of Mana and Lagoon before that, but they’re all a different breed from Final Fantasy 2, 3 etc), but partly because while it didn’t have an overly interesting plot (it has it’s moments, but nothing overly great) or a great battle system (even though that Auto feature is something I’ve felt many games should have, and some of the specials kicks ass - I don’t know how many times I used Jean’s “Death Chop” first time through on my way to Deathevn for instance =P), but because of some character depth and the attention to the many, many details.

Like the entire TownShip thingie - The fact that you could, for EVERY time you had done something (be that minor or major) go to TownShip and get advice, character plot advancement and similar things, as well as a few friendly pointers and stuff - That kicked ASS. Especially when Nina announces her plans of going to Windia to sacrifice herself in order to become the great bird or when Rand’s mom dies

Or the fact that you could get it to fly, and thus affect the ending, or that you could go around asking several people to join you as merchants/architects/senseis etc, or… I could go on, but I’ll let people discover the depth of the game themselves. The level of details is simply put amazing and offers a huge replayability value. =) Today it isn’t all that great, of course, but still, it has its moments, and I still haven’t found another game that does something similar, even 7 years later…

It’s a pity, really, cause that concept do have a whole lot of potential… =/

I actually enjoyed the BoF series, especially since it’s the only other non-FF series that I’ve followed other than Suikoden and DW.

The first one was pretty good when it came out. It was pretty long too.

The second was fun too becuase it kinda had a Suikoden ring too it, you built a town and brought people to it.

I’ve haven’t played the last three a lot though. III was graphically cool, IV was terrible IMO, V seemed all right but I didn’t like the battle system.

I played the first two, and they were pretty good. I’ve played better, but I’ve also played a lot worse.

Didn’t like BoF1 that much, but BoF2 is <b>excellent</b>. It’s better than BoF1 in just about every way. Don’t know about anything beyond BoF2 due to the lack of the appropriate consoles :stuck_out_tongue:

Blah, I’m always late to give my opinion just about everything, but whatever. :stuck_out_tongue: BoF 1 and 2 were very average to me for reasons already mentioned. I got to the final boss of both, but never cared to beat it because it didn’t even interest me to know the ending. I played 5 and liked it. I found it was boring, slow, dark and suffocating at the beginning, but SG’s arguments were so convincing that I kept playing it. :stuck_out_tongue: I also thought I was really bad with the fighting system, which didn’t help me to enjoy the game, but once I finally started to get better with it, it did become fun to play.

1 was really awesome for me, probably because it was the first rpg I played where you could become a dragon, never played 2, 3 was kinda mediocre though.