Just Because I Started Again...

Yep… i’ve gone back to the one and only MMORPG that i’ve ever paid for… EVE Online. Soooooooo incredably beautiful…
So my question is, does anyone else play it? if you dont, you MUST join me :stuck_out_tongue:

I play but right now I’m training all my learning skills to 5 so I’m basically taking the month off.

I play, but I have no money at the moment, so…

awwww :frowning: but… but… play with me!!!

Come join my corp: Stormlord Battleforce. Once I get back on, I’ll be there.

well, i’m going solo for now, until i have a couple mil skill points :stuck_out_tongue:

hey Sidewinder, long time no see!

I’ve played the trial. It got boring: It’s much too massive and everywhere looks more or less the same. I don’t want to play an mmorpg where there’s little to no point in exploring and you only rarely meet people you know.

Hey Merlin :smiley: long time no see indeed :stuck_out_tongue: hi! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… the hugeness i thought was one of EVE’s more interesting points… the world is soooooooo fricking huge! About everywhere looking the same… welll… maybe :stuck_out_tongue: but i’m usually too busy hunting down rats/doing missions to notice :stuck_out_tongue: