Just an annoying question...

Anyone knows if there is an Anime based on Guilty Gear?

Highly unlikely, if there was though, I’d probably watch it, the character style and overall design of the game is what I play it for. Certainly not the gameplay.

I’m pretty sure there is… In Guilty Gear XX, isn’t there sort of a preview for one in the extras menu? I know the intro video is exclusive to the game, but that extra thing had subtitles and a narrator 'n stuff…looked like an advertisement. --Oh wait, and I think there was a little thing at the end that said when it was coming out or something…I dunno. ^ ^ But, I’m pretty sure there is one.

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The “preview” is the intro to GGX+, the console release of Guilty Gear X in Japan. That’s it. Nothing more. Nada. Niet.

Oooh okay then…err, sorry bout that…I’m not very smart. ^ ^;;;

This is just barely the 3t8925633284234234965th time I have to say it, it’s irritating, to say the least.

The guys at thegearproject.org are probably more pissed about this than I am.