Just a reminder to people

Set your clocks forward an hour before you sleep tonight :smiley:
Don’t want to wake up an hour late for work.

Ah shit, i almost forgot about that.


Who works on Sunday?

Let’s see… businesses are still open on Sunday so… lots of people. I work tomorrow- I work part time at a grocery store as a fishmonger.

Some people work everyday of the week…like your mom (sorry, it was too perfect, and yes, I’m sober). Really though, there’s police and fireman working, people in stores, and those who have “duty” in the military.

My dad set a couple clocks yesterday. He kept freaking out forgetting that he did that and thinking he was running late for everything. I thought it was funny, but my sister didn’t. He’d gotten mad at her earlier because she shouldn’t have gotten out of work an hour late.

Yeah, I did that last week already :stuck_out_tongue:

Already have.
It was last weekend here.

Last weekend here, too. Ha!

Lost a frigging hour’s worth of sleep. Now I don’t have as much time to do absolutely nothing, today. I like it when we Fall Back.

Pah, the computer’s clock sets itself.

And if your computer clock also wakes you, then by all means!

Heh, my parents forgot to set the clocks ahead and were pissed when they found out. I’ve never seen them rush out to church so fast before.

Did that last week, and mate I also have to work Sundays. One person I work with actually did forget to put the clocks forwards. So she was a whole hour late. Good for her is all I can.

I work on Sunday. 5-8 :smiley:

Six people were late for their morning shifts today. The managers didn’t really get picky, because last year on this day, apparently all but 5 people were late.

Yea, I was damn near late today. The slipknot concert really fucked me up and I was exhuasted, which made it difficult to get up and go to work :\

Luckily, my concert bud drove me there so I didn’t have to walk. That would have blown major donkey dick.