Just a little something...


Open your eyes.
What do you see?
What I see is nothing but good.
What you see, however,
is what you want.
All you see is your desire.
All you want is nothing but for your self.
All you care about is your self and
your needs.


Do you see it?
Of crouse you don’t.
You only know what you feel
what you want.

I Don’t know you.
You’re a greedy, jerk
who can’t even feel
pity for those in pain around you.
Open your eyes…

Sorry, I had to let it out. I don’t know if its good or not and I don’t care. I figure I could let my anger out in a poem or some sort. Sorry. I’m still lost…

Whoa, cool. :smiley:
It’s a really, REALLY cool poem. :smiley:

Yes, a very good poem Chris. And writing is one of the best ways there is to let out anger without hurting anybody.

Umm… thanks. I didn’t think I’d get this kind of response… THanks.

Great poem, Chris. Do I sense mindless rage towards your brother?

applauds and throws flowers
Touching, sharp and simple. I simply love it! You are gifted for poetry! Maybe you should write some more once you can find some peace.

Wow, Chris, this rocks! You sure have some talent here!

Very cool CC. And I must admit, even though I have not really read that much poetry in my time, I can tell that that was a good poem.

Maybe I’ll let you read some of mine, if I ever get around to writing some new stuff.

I have to say, I didn’t expect you guys would like it. ^_^;;

I didn’t think I would get some good compliments.

As for my brother, he’s making things very hard for me. He doesn’t even see what people around feel. It’ so true. He never asks whats wrong or if he could help. He only cares about himself.

But, Thank you.

…Maybe, Chrissy, or maybe that’s how you feel about your brother right now.

Never judge people easily, CC. Human beings are VERY complex. Maybe your brother is selfish, or it may be just a phase he’s going thru. In any case: the bad a person does doesn’t take away from the good he does. Today your bro may have made you angry, but someday, he might make you happy. If he hasn’t before.

In any case, letting it out in a poem was certainly a good way to deal with it. Good work.

As always your words speak only truth Wilfredo. Now I feel alwfull. True. Thank you.

…Nah, don’t feel bad, CC! What you felt was PERFECTLY natural. You think I was never pissed at MY brothers or sisters? I have two brothers and three sisters (not counting half-brothers and sisters) and there were moments when I thought I would NEVER forgive them for the things they said or did. (I am the youngest, BTW!) Guess what? All of that is the past- long ago forgotten. Today, I love them all.

My point is: you’re STILL young, CC- still learning about the things that REALLY matter. Don’t feel embarrased about making mistakes- LEARN from them! You’ll probably laugh about this someday.

BTw, writing to get it out of your system was a GREAT idea- certainly better than keeping it inside, growing into something awful, no? Kudos to YOU!

okay! I’ll learn from it! :slight_smile: