Jurassic Park a Reality?

haha not really, but seriously, some scientists found some soft tissue samples that was found in a Tyrannosaurus rex thighbone.

I think this is fuckin awesome, because dinosaurs have always fascinated me. I’m sure we’ll be able to find out more about how dinosaurs worked with this bit of living information.

That is awesome beyond words, Mr. Pants!

If we can get a little DNA out of it, cloney cloney :smiley:

What’s awesome is that this occurs at the same time a dragon is found. Old is returning as new things take over.

maybe they’ll find a way to make dinosaurs and then dinosaurs really will take over!

That would kind of suck, considering I live in San Diego. I don’t want my dog to eaten.

Read about this on my cell…pretty l33t stuff. :biggrin:

I was gonna say something here, but I’m just gonna let it slide. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh joy.

TrkJac, that dragon program was fantasy. They didn’t actually find any dragons. It was merely a “if dragons HAD existed, which they didn’t, this is how they woulda acted and how we woulda found them” situation.

I agree.

Remember when that T-rex ate that lawyer oh the john? That was awesome

Ich verstehe dich nicht.

My german sucks.

I hate lawyers.

When I first saw Jurassic Park in theatres, I had to urinate during that part, so I completely missed it. I remember my friends were talking about that part and I was like “huh? I don’t remember that”

Nice timing.

I would like to use this oppurtunity to debunk the bullshit you can clone a dinosaur. Making a clone from this stuff is equivalent to throwing all the parts you need for a car down the stairs and getting a working Porshe Carrera in the end.

What if I got a Pinto? Cause I heard that’s how they were made.

Orson Wells: The Martians are taking over and you must evacuate. Paging: Orson Wells…

I was thinking El Camino. Half car, half truck, all awesome.

Not sure if this is related, but tracking tags placed on wolves has shown that many wolves are starting to migrate down from Canada. They are following the Mississippi untill it meets the Ohio, then following that.