(JP II's) desktop thread


Headline: Pope John Paul II’s desktop
My Computer Icon: The Lord is my Computer, and I shall not be in want.
Internet Explorer icon: Believer Explorer

1st online contact: Jesus Christ
4th online name: Holy Ghost
5th online name: God
1st offline contact: Devil
3rd offline contact: Bishop Macedo
Status Icon (green flower): omnipresent

Start button: amen
Excel: Tithes [don’t mistake for tits, it means “the tenths”]
Explorer: exploring XXX

Tithes for those don’t go to church or read a bible, are should usually a 10th of your Earnings given to your church or God. Alough only You and God should know how much you page. (The Finance person only knows so he can put the money to practical use). The Excel File, would be the equivelent of a Total earning File for someone in the Seccular world.

Big Nutter
Hoho! The Pope Likes Diablo 2 (On the to by list after MM).

The Pope’s taste in music…was not what I was expecting.

giggles Amusement.

Silly Johannes Paul II.

Meh, not really that funny.

is that man still alive??