john woo and metroid too?

he’s just buying the rights, not necessarily doing anything with it for now.

Samus has always been a gal??

An article I read at:

said he had hoped to have the first picture finished by 2006. I’m not really sure which is more reliable.

I’ve already thought about how this could go down, and it’s a movie that could go either way. There’s a chance it could rock like nothing has ever rocked before, or there’s a (greater) chance it’ll blow goats.

The fact that most Videogame to Movie transitions have ranged from bad to horrible doesn’t help matters. But all we can do now is speculate.

Oy, this again. Well, one can only hope for a good movie, since it’s really completely based on the skill of the director and his ability to get a feel for an atmosphere that suits the game.

Just not.

Bah im sadned by the news because EVERY video game movie has sucked and i dont expect this one to go any better. Plus, just to make it worse every video game that went to the movie screen semes to have a strange effect where i live, eveyone starts hateing the game >.< The only time this hasnt applied though is when the FF movie thingy came out, idk why it didnt but im guessing its because the movie wasnt based on any game or its plots.

Oh well guess i just have to hope that its somewhat good…hopefully :too bad;

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Pah. I’ll go with the resolute intention of enjoying it. This has worked for every movie I’ve watched (and every game I’ve played, for that matter) with these intentions, with the exception of The Matrix Revolutions, so all it’ll take to satisfy me is if they use the classic “got item” theme from every single game since Metroid 2 (and which gets a cameo “appearance” in Metroid: Zero Mission). EDIT: Oh, and maybe Sigourney Weaver, just to go all the way with how Metroid rips off Alien, but that’s just a pipe fantasy. :smiley: