Jesus or Cro?

Which looks better? Facial hair or no facial hair?

Shaved. Seriously, the facial hair makes you look like five years older.

I still can’t believe you’re younger than me.

There’s a parasite below your lip.

Jesus it up man.

Go Jesus.

I vote for Silent Bob

I vote for a mexi-stache.

Jesus makes you look more badass, but it does make you look older. I say shave it.

Hey Cro, since you’ll probably read this thread at some point later, we toly need to play Go some time. Also, I got Merc initiated in the ways of Go, so we can play on KGS :]

I fail to see the harm in Cro having facial hair which makes him look older. Maybe I’m just a babyface, but seriously.

Oh, NOW you wanna play :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have to re-install KGS at some point and get my game back. I’m way out of practice and barely remember how to make a simple ladder :stuck_out_tongue: But sure, hit me up some time.

While I would suggest that you go super savior. I should recommend that you take the hideous growth route…at least until you get a job.

Unfortunately for you we live in a society where beard disscrimination is at an all time high. So far I’ve had 2 run in’s with the local authorities, 1 run in with a neighborhood watch, and probed many atime by airport security (to no avail I might add as with my usual atire I’m rendered completely invisible to metal detectors…my other super power).

I’m also unable to wear shades and a fez at the same time despite my nerdy complexion. :frowning:

Besides you look like a rock star without the whiskers.


Yeah the first. Definitely.


Yeah, I wanna play now 'cause it’s summer :stuck_out_tongue:

KGS is just java, so I don’t think you need to install anything. Just go into the chat some time and see if I’m there.

Don’t shave, but do cut your wang off!

I got a temp ban from the chat for linking that shit… cringe Goddamn I’m still in pain.

I’m pretty sure it’s off by now

What, his wang?