Japan's top export for 2006- crazy fucked-up shit


it’s like human tetris or something~

Some of those looked darn near impossible…

That’s great -why isn’t the 2,18m guy playing basketball?

Because he wants to play a real sport. Like fitting himself in styrofoam.

Wow. That was actually pretty funny.

I’m surprised by the fact that at the end less than half of the contestants actually realized that the positions didn’t really matter. They just needed to get through the styrofoam.

That was some random junk. I like how they passed the guy that just smashed through it.

He passed? I thought they made him go again or something.

It was a definite go-again, but I still lol’d it.

That looks like fun.

Lol, this was very funny. No wonder it’s an export, lol.