Japanese Spider-man: Robots not included


In the interest of not hijacking the other thread, I’ll make my plea here. 33kb Japanese script for Spider-man: Lethal Foes (the only Spidey game not to be released stateside) needs a translator. If any Japanese speaking fans want to help, I’d be greatly indebted to them. Knowledge of Spider-man is preferred, but by no means required. Check the link above for more information on this and other projects.

Well, thanks to Ryusui at Watercrown Productions (check the site for the link), the script is now in full English goodness. Seeing as how neither one of us is really a hardcore Spidey fan, I’d like someone who’s extremely familiar with the Spider-man mythos to read over the script and make sure the characters actually sound like themselves.

So, any Spidey fans?