Japanese character identification?

Dunno if anyone here has any knoweldge of japanese characters, but if they do…

Specifically, the five in the center. I was told that they were the of the elements of the Book of Five Rings, but I have no way of knowing.

I recognize kaze (wind) to the right and ho (fire) below. That’s as far as my knowledge of kanji goes.

Top: Earth (chi)
Bottom: Fire (hi)
Keft: Water (mizu)
Right: Wind (kaze)
Center: dunno (wakannai)

Damn it I was too slow. Oh well! I can still get the center. (I think)

Center: Emptiness (ku)

Shi ne

… night

Duh. It’s clear that from the four elements by the sides being Earth, Water, Wind and Fire that the one in the center is Heart. Go Planet!

if it is indeed from the book of 5 rings then the 5th one would be void.

The centre is emptiness or void.

I thank you all. :slight_smile:

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Goddamn it Sin, I almost cracked my tooth on a coffee mug when I read that.


Nice one, Sin.

those characters are kinda crappily written

It’s the calligraphy the guy used.

So what does that one in the corner mean?

It’s the guy’s signature. Must’ve gotten Carpel Tunnel from doing the other characters perfectly.