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Rip my stockings! Rip my stockings!

I’m confused and I think a bit molested :frowning:

Three nights from now i’m going to wake up in the middle of the night screaming because of this…

That’s really funny, and it’s almost exactly what I tried to convince a friend of mine when he was dead set on going to Japan.

I dunno if I’d be THAT hard on Japanese culture, but yeah. Some fanboys seriously need to open their eyes.

I fully intend on visiting Japan someday for a vacation, there’s a lot of sights I’d like to see. But live there? Nah. Life isn’t anime, folks.

“This journal makes me cum”. That made me lol.

Yeah. I have it on reasonably good authority that if you don’t know anyone in Japan, you’re going to find Tokyo overcrowded and xenophobic. It’s okay if you’re visiting a friend who lives there who can show you around and stuff, especially if it’s in some kinda rural area, but it’s not gonna be omg paradise.

Ah, that was just awesome - the jackasses posting comments who can’t seem to recognize satire are even more amusing in a sad, sad way.

Mmm, satire.

I saw some boobies ^^ <3

Go Boobies!!! ^^