Jalapeño Peppers

Anyone ever tried one?
They’re extremely freaking hot. I didn’t think ANYTHING could be that damn… hot.
I recommend them, though. Just make sure you have a glass or two of milk and two or three pieces of bread nearby.

You think those are hot? Wow, you have a low threshold. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try habanero peppers- or just eat wasabe by itself. I’ve done both. Theres hotter, too- but I haven’t been offered it.

I love them, I also like the hotness of Habanaro peppers (I think those are the ones).

EDIT: bites CC.

I mean a whole one completely alone. I can usually take hot stuff, though.


Sorry. I have a fairly high threshold for heat, but I can never find anything really hot where I live.:too bad;

Originally posted by Steve
I mean a whole one completely alone. I can usually take hot stuff, though.

I’ve eaten more than one whole one- it isn’t that hot.

Well… I… Uh… SCREW YOU!
Yeah, I’m a pretty big wuss when it comes to hot stuff, but those damn things made my eyes water and my ears go completely red. Not even my friends “Stir fry from hell” can do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Jalapeno peppers are mild shit… The hot stuff’s better. I love the hot sauces… I just don’t like the taste.

Yeah, Steve- the only problem with spicy foods isn’t having them come IN… you figure the rest out o_o;;

I bet I’d engulf your friend’s stir fry from “Hell.”

Meh, he throws all kinds of shit into that.
Cayenne pepper out the ass. Sascetchewan (No freaking clue how to spell that.), Mojo sauce, Olive oil, lots of peppers (forget what kinds) and a few other things. Of course bell peppers and onions.

I like Jalepeno Poppers (breaded peppers). AND STEVE ISN’T TUFF!

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eats a Jalapeno pepper and bursts into flames Okay, steve, I’m an even bigger wuss than you are when it comes to hot foods.

Heh, its the seeds that are really hot. I’ve never even eaten one actually.


yeah, it had the seeds and stuff.
Oh, my avvy is crappy right now, but I’m working on a better one.
(It’s also a lie)

I spelt “Tough” like that once and some girl I didn’t even know that well started flipping out because she thought that I was retarded or something and wasn’t living up to my potential. Then I pointed at what I was doing and told her that I spelt it like “Tuff” because there wasn’t enough room for “Tough”. She looked pretty ashamed after that.

Spices are tasty, but I’m yet to find one that is really strong.

I once ate slices of them out of a jar. They were burning hot at first, but they’re good once you get used to them.

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Someone paste a link to SG saying that.