Izuna. My Review.

I just got this game and so after playing it for the last few days here is my review so far.

Ok lets start off with DS functions. There are none. No touch screen action nothing. So sadlly this section gets a one star out of ten.

Now sound. It is nice and the Americans didn’t Yank it up. All the little bit of voice acting is in Japanese. In fact all it seems that was done to this game was translation. So I give the sound a eight out of ten.

Controls are fine. Easy to use with some issues with dashing. Another eight out of ten.

The game overall. Fun but very difficult. You have to collect orbs from the gods you have upset with Izuna’s stupidity to cure the villagers from curses. You get to them by exploring dungeons. That’s all there is to it. Every time you die though you lose all your equipment and money. Which sucks because you need your items, and it has an auto-save. So no trying to turn the game off to get back your stuff. The main character is also a lesbian, though it hasn’t said it in the game…at least not yet. A picture that seems to be official has Izuna’s breasts being grabbed by Shino. So yeah. The game overall will frustrate you to no end but at the same time can be enjoyed. The game has random dungeons every time you enter one so no real guide can help you. This adds to the fun as well as the frustration. Overall I recommend this game but only if you like a challange. I give this game overall seven out of ten stars.

Thank you this has been a Warsaw Pact review. Oh and yes this was inspired by Vladimir Putin’s “review” of Call of Duty 4. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been meaning to play it again, I lost interest after a while though, cause there were a lot of little things that annoyed me, individually none of them would be a problem but they all converge into a big ball of making me not that interested anymore.

As an aside, I don’t think every single game has to use the touch screen. The Mario rpg game used the touch screen only once as a horrible gimmick, but the game worked fine with old-fashioned controls.

Absolutely. Touch-screen use is great, but not if it’s tacked on and gimmicky. I hate it when games that hardly use the stylus, every once in a while force you to, and you’ll have to stumble around for the stylus to do something that could easily have been done without using the touch-screen (I’m looking at you, Dawn of Sorrow!).

Yep. Seems they learned though, as Portrait of Ruin’s Sisters mode, where you moved with the D-pad and attacked with the stylus, was a breeze. That was an interesting implementation of touch screen controls to a 2D platformer.