I've Officially Played too much MGS

I just completed MGS1 with an absolutely perfect score:
No kills outside of those required for completion.
Never spotted except in cutscenes.
No Saves
No Continues
Clear Time of less than three hours.
Torture Chambre Resisted
No rations used
No diazepam used.
Never missed in the Sniper Wolf duels.
Stealth and Bandana never used.
All items found.
Extreme Difficulty.
Big Boss Rank.

Since there were no saves or continues, this means I never fucked up. Ever. Well, I did, but I had to start all over.
So in the completed game, I never messed up, once.

Not gonna lie, that’s pretty fucking epic


I need to go back and play that game again.

So have you been playing it all these ten years or so?

Arac = l33t. I take my hat off to you.

That’s just insane- tell me, do you even have any thumbs left?

Thanks for all the compliments!
The torture scene is the only part that never gets an easier, for those who wish to try this themselves. The guards get like pacman ghosts, where you can tell how they’re going to go and avoiding them isn’t hard. The boss battles are all easy after you learn the trick. The Torture scene, though, ugh. I hate it so hard.

Sil: I got it literally the day it came out. I was a little kid, too.

Nebagram: Yeah, but I played the PC version. I have thumbs, but no wrists left. Seriously, I think I straight up have tendonitis from the damn torture scene.

Damn good job, Arac. Damn good.

And in response to your title - there is no such thing as too much MGS. Only too many brain cells to tell you that you’ve played too much.

Nice man congrats.:toast: That torture scene is torturous.

cute ^ ^