I've had my share of favors asked.

This may sound stupid, and it’s been mentioned a lot, but I have never, ever seen/heard of Gamestop in real. Where can I find locations nearby my area? What is a Gamestop exactly? Do they sell older PSX games?

Nah, it ain’t stupid. I find my games at EB usually. Those two stores (Gamestop and Electronic Boutique) are ideal for older games. If you go to their websites and stick in your zip code and such, they’ll give you a list of their closest stores.

If there isn’t a Gamestop in Canada, then check for Microplay or something. I know Canada has that, shoot, they closed all those stores down here in Texas to move them up to Canada I remember.

They don’t have a Canadian website (EB), I tried putting in this, but it just redirected to an american site. Even then, I checked their base of PSX games, and no Parasite Eve 2 in sight… I did however find Wild ARMs.

Wow, that sucks. Uh, I think I’m pretty much out of ideas. Those stores are the only ones I know about that are pretty much, well, everywhere. Did you check Microplay or Gamestop? They might have Canadian websites…

P.S. Do Canadians even get to watch the Super Bowl?

Yes. Yes we do.

My friends’ brother works at a game shop, not sure of the name, and he claims they stock a lot of older PSX games, sometimes even packaged. I might find a copy of PE2, as well as some other games I’d like, there. If anyone is interested, I’m free to post the location of the store.

Oh, yeah, I TOTALLY want to know the location. :thud:

Hey, if the Super Bowl is on, then what are you doing on the computer?

I meant everyone, not just you. I really meant it for people who actually live in Canada.

I’m not a fan of football. I prefer basketball, soccer, or golf… well, tennis is cool too. But anyways, I’m not a fan of football, so I have no reason to watch the Super Bowl. If I wanted to see violence in sports, I’d just turn on hockey.

I know what ya meant. I was just in a sarcastic mood at the moment.

I kind of had a feeling you weren’t any football fan…heck, if there was a Lakers game or something like that on at the moment I might be looking at that.

Dang, it’s you, not “ya”. I’m starting to put a bit of Texas speak on here by accident it seems.

Bah, I say “y’all” here and in real life. Makes it feel like you’re actually speaking.