I've had my share of favors asked.

But, yet I have another one.

I was wondering if anyone in Canada, preffered Ontario/Toronto, whom has access to eBay, and can actually buy shit offa it… I was wondering if someone could purchase this. I’m willing to pay in full, but the problem is, I don’t have access to a supported Visa Card to actually purchase it from eBay. I might cancel this favor if I am able to find it before someone actually responds with information, or a statement of acceptance of terms.

I live in Toronto, Ontario, in Canada. I am able to give my mailing address so the person whom buys this, if they actually do, and willing to send it to me for exact, or more amount of cash for the product.

If you are unable to comply with the terms, I’d like some information on where I might be able to actually find a copy in Toronto. Preffered unopened, but if it is, I’ll have to accept.

Wow man, Deja Vu. Did you like, copy and paste that from your other ebay thread, or are you just lacking any kind of creativity in your begging?

PE2 isn’t exactly a hard game to find, I mean, if I see it all the time here (Vancouver) I can only imagen how often you can find it there (Ontario, AKA center of the universe). Try getting out of your house and checking out pawn shops, used game stores, rental stores (they often sell games), or even discount bins at large super stores.


What other eBay thread? Seriously.

You see them all the time? Seriously? Unopened, or preowned?

I’ve checked many gaming stores that stock older PSX games, even some pawn shops; can’t find it.

Maybe I am mixing you up with someone else who’s a moron. So sorry.


I would, but Parasite Eve <i>sucks</i>.

Actually, i wouldn’t, i just felt like saying that.

Use a phonebook and call up any places there that sell used games.

No, there wasn’t another ebay thread. The other thread featured a request for someone to send him money so that he could buy some other game since his parents weren’t going to give him more.

Glad to be of service. Now forget you saw anything.

Ebay should always be the last resort. When I wanted to buy a copy of the Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon for the N64 I checked every used game shop and bargain bin in the city. When I couldn’t find it I bought it off ebay. Just check every shop in your area, you’ll probably find it.

Ahh, good thing one of us remembers whar Setz posts. =) My brain refuses to remember what he posts.


Centre of the Universe? You mean we beat out New York?

Now there’s a great game.

They’re hard to tell apart sometimes. And PE II sucks. You really need to learn when you’re getting fucking ripped off :P. And am I the only one to wonder why anyone would trust someone they’ve never met and who’s admitted to theft?

No, that’s just how western Canada shows it’s resentful nature towards Ontario/Quebec in a passive agressive nature.


All of us but himself, apparently.

That’s why if people didn’t trust me, I’d give them my address… I can’t steal anything, even if I wanted to, without actually getting the product first. I’ve never played PE2, so I don’t know if it sucks; but I thought the first one was amazing, and PE2’d look nice in my CD case. And I know the price is a bit high, but it’s also sealed.

That’s a terrible price. You should be able to find Parasite Eve II for half that. Plus, I’m always wary about buying used disc-based games on Ebay… who knows how scratched up they really are? (And the game you linked to explicitely says that it has been previously played, so it’s NOT sealed)

I’m still convinced you don’t need a credit card to join Ebay. You DO need a credit card to join Ebay if you’re using a free web-based email account (hotmail, yahoo, etc.), but if you’re using an email from an ISP or school or something, you should be able to sign up without one. And you never have to pay with credit cards, you can just use money orders.

Buh? Not sealed? Shit, I must have been looking at some other eBay lot where I saw sealed. I know I saw a sealed copy of PE2 in today’s searching on eBay, but I’ve lost the page.

You know, the sad thing is I’ve had both Xenogears AND Lunar 2 stolen from me by letting someone borrow them from me and if I could, I’d let you borrow my copy. Man, I really am such a sucker. Psh, heck, I wouldn’t mind letting you borrow WA2 either from me.

Why does nobody like Parasite Eve 2? I mean, I don’t think the soundtrack is as great as it could’ve been if the lady who did PE had been assigned to it, and that’s pretty much the only problem I have with it. I liked what they did with the story…although they could’ve made it a bit less linear.

I haven’t stolen something in a long time. Thanks for the consideration, however. But, you’re in Texas… I live in Canada. Much too far.

I realize that…but it’s the principle of the thing. I have a bit too much trust and admiration for people, I’m not one to learn my lesson I suppose. Anyway, enough about me. Where I live, it’s not THAT tough to find PE2. Heck, they still sell PE as a Greatest Hits in Wal Mart. If you go to a Gamestop or something you should find it easily…I got it for around twenty dollars along with SO2. That was at least 3 or 4 years ago, so we’re talking ten bucks for you to get it

Wow, that really is a bad price they’re selling it for, people must’ve been betting on it already. By the looks of it, the only other person selling a copy has already has 12 bids…wow, I say get a used copy.