I've had enough...

So as of Monday, I’ll be leaving.

For 2 weeks. I’m going on holiday with my folks, to Ibiza. :biggrin: :biggrin: How cool is that?

Stabs and takes your place Now it’s cool, no hard feelings as you lay bleeding, right? Thought so.

Enjoy yourself.

Not cool at all.
Ibiza is too hot. You’ll melt!

:wave: We’ll miss you… assuming we remember that you’re not here. Have fun.

Yay! Ibiza!

…er…where’s Ibiza? >>;

Holy shit I didn’t know Europe had so many hidden places.

Didn’t you go to Greece last year? Damn you! Well last year I asked you to bring me back a nice, greek boy. So now you go to Ibiza and bring me back a nice, er Ibizian boy…

H’mm for some reason I dont think he’ll be able 2 stand on that tiny little spot for 2 whole weeks that would really suck

It’s a lot bigger in real life, hellhawk.

And Eva, your half right. I went to the Greek island of Rhodes, last year. And I’ll see what I can do about that Ibizian boy.

Ya I know i was just joking

Europe has some awesome hidden places Eva. Many of the best partying spots aren’t even visible on a map of the world unless you squint real hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugh, can’t stand Ibiza. I’m not much into the dance scene though, so there’s not that much appeal to me there. Have fun.

I’m Ibizian. Maybe. >>;

See you later. :wave: