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tears hair out WILL YOU TWO LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY?! Must be the Halloween in the air.
They forced me to write this. I had no say in it ;_;

“What the hell are you doing now?”

“Just curious.”

“About what, exactly?”

“If there’s any possible deadlock which you couldn’t get out of.”

“In that case I feel curious about how quickly you’d bleed to death if I cut up that tail of yours.”

“Aww… you’re no fun.”

Rakadra opened one eye and glared up at Slither.

“First of all,” he said, “get off my wings.”

“It’s your own fault for sleeping on your back.”

She smiled, resting her chin on her hands. Her elbows bore down on either side of Rakadra’s neck - right on two of the bones in his wings.

“I warn you, Slith-”

He had not quite expected her to catapult herself upwards, gasping while her cheeks turned an unhealthy shade of green. In a quick succession, the color shifted to yellow. And then bluish.

Rakadra slowly raised an eyebrow as Slither thoughtfully tilted her head and tried out a purple tint.

“If you’re trying to blush, it’s red,” the half-blood eventually said.

“Damn,” Slither said, melting from neon pink to crimson, “I almost had it.”

“Yeah… sure.”

Rakadra heaved himself up on his arms into a half sitting, half lying position. He would have gone further if her tail wasn’t coiled around his legs, up the waist and hindered further movement.

“… Why?” he said - despite knowing far, far better than to dwelve further on the subject.

Damn human curiosity. If his father were alive, Rakadra would have had a nice, long talk with him.

The sinking feeling only got worse when Slither clasped her hands over her chest, widening her emotionless eyes. He always frlt an increased urge to break her fingers when she did that… and she certainly knew that.

“We’re at a point where you’ll give me a <I>warning</I> first?” she said, eyes almost shimmering, “I’m so happy!”

Her teeth glistened in the distorted light as Rakadra’s head dropped a little. He could feel a headache in the making.

“I <I>hate</I> women…”

“I know!”

Her upside-down head came into his vision, showing off a huge smirk. She had turned her upper body over and around, hanging in front of him.

“I greatly enjoy adding to that feeling, lord Rakadra,” she said.

Many others would have snapped back a sarcastic comment, but Rakadra was a blunt bastard who wanted to sleep. Therefore he just grabbed her face and shoved her aside. Or at least as much of her that he could move with one hand.

“Leave me alone, or you’ll regret it,” he said and laid back down.

With the agility and strength that had impressed Slither from the start, he rolled over on his stomach - despite the weight of her tail.


“The only reason you’re still alive right now is that there’s no way I’ll raise that brat on my own,” he snarled into the pillow of his arms.

“Really? Not even my shapeshifting ability, lord Rakadra?”

Slither hovered above him, but he flapped his wings at her in order to maintain at least <I>some</I> personal space.

“Mmph,” he replied.

It sounded vaguely like an approval in her favor; a surprisingly gratious thing indeed. Slither grinned and squeezed his legs for good measure, knowing full well that he wouldn’t kill her. Her continued existence was the only thing protecting him from another blinddate sent from Sciel. Well, that and Sciel’s tragic death. Killing the carmilla would be quite difficult, though…

Damn, sometimes it really sucked to be a male demon.

Lol… that was great Weiila… I feel almost sorry for him. :stuck_out_tongue: Nicely well written too.

Uh-oh… those two perverts again… Yikes! :eek: