It's YOU'RE!!! >O

Yeah, I’d decimate a flock of lamers over that grammatical error, too. That, and people who get ‘wonder’ and ‘wander’ mixed up. >.>

It’s Rogue, not Rouge, you dumbasses.

Or missing certain words that could just as easily be replaced (if they were even there to being with) with a simple contraction.

You know what you doing!

I can honestly say that this comic has made me LOL.

This is for you, Spoony!

That made me laugh since X used to do that to me in the chat when I accidently typed “Your” instead of “You’re”. :smiley:

MMM Toasty Newbies!! I may just write “your” for the MailBag…

But since my self and Lunaris are Famus for typo’s and Bad Grammer… It’s well worth a frame any time…