It's that time again...

What do you want for Christmas?

Ha, you thought this was a desktop thread didn’t you? Bitches.

Half-Life 2. Shrek2. New wallpaper. :slight_smile:

Money. seriously, that’s all I need. Well, that and a power adapter for my old SNES so I can play my cartridges again.

Jak 3
Puffy Amiyumi stuff
A new N64
Fatal Frame 2
Nintendo DS

As I said before, more cash to throw at the “Buy a fucking PS2 already” savings.

A job in Montreal would be nice.
My GF.
Metroid Prime 2, Paper Mario 2, FF1+2 GBA
A digital cam with video (and audio) capabilities.
A buncha DVDs.

What I won’t get:

A PS2 with DDR and metal mats.

Something I’m not sure about:

A denim outfit and the nice black boots that go up to my knees would be nice. I convinced my mom to buy them, ha ha ha. But I can’t have them till X-mas ;_; I also want Suikoden 3 from my boyfriend, and more nice clothes, and body and bath stuff. Kill Bill Volume 1, since I have the second. Earrings, as well, and perfume and any girly stuff. perhaps some art kits and more canvases if they are less expensive.

And a nice gravy and turkey dinner. And for my kitty and my grandmother to survive.

edit: oh oh! and maybe angel or buffy season 1 on dvd.

Um, another PS2 would be cool. I miss my old one. But nah, screw that

Nintendo DS
Paper Mario 2
WoW subscription
Money :smiley:
Some RAM mebbeh
I don’t know what else

I want a GameCube. ;_;


[li]Tales of Symphonia
[/li][li]Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap
[/li][li]Fire Emblem
Too bad I don’t celebrate Commercialismas.

A bowling ball

A Jack in the Box Gift Card :confused:
Hot Monkey Lovin’
My two front teeth
A Hulla Hoop
You (There’s a song like that, right? I hope so :P)

DS + Mario 64 DS
Zelda: Link to the Past GBA

-Terry Pratchett’s The Last Hero
-Phantom Brave

Heh heh, don’t worry, you can never be too sure if something THAT AWESOME gonna happen, I mean, wow, dude! :stuck_out_tongue:

Me? I want a good quality DDR mat, maybe a few movies. Oh, a good scarf and a Naruto headband would be nice too ^^

A DS with Mario 64 DS
Smallville season 1 and/or 3 (yeah yeah, shut up)
Megaman X8
Many DVDs
and of course Your MOM! (I coulnd’t resist)

A new GBA flash cart linker, my old one broke.
Maybe a DS linker if they have one out by then.
More DDR
DS games

-Knights of the Old Republic 2
-Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume 3

<li> RAM </li> <li> A shitty, cheap digital camera </li>
And that’s about it.