It's Sephiroth Katana's Birthday!!

Again, as a Staff Member, SK gets his own BD thread.

BTW, SK, you’ve got the best political sig I’ve ever seen, in any Message Board. I salute you.


Happy B-day SK. I don’t think that picture is the best way to wish him that though, Wilf o_O

Hmm, maybe you’re right. I just googled “salute” that that came up. How’s this one?

(again, random Google, but better a hot chick than an army, eh? :slight_smile:

Better. I think this also suits the mood. Thisis an insider staff joke to which SK made an important contribution:

<img src=“”>

Have a good one, SK.

Also: Boobs :B~~~

Happy birthday ‘n’ all.

Who’s is that Siggy with Polical Aruments with Nunali et al and the Picture of Yuna breasts has Yuna’s beasts on it?

Happy Birthday SK…

Happy Birthday SK! I’m still recovering from mine.

I’ve always wondered what kind of gifts SK could get for his birthday.

I figure SK would like a good book, music CD or a quality bottle of wine.

homeless strays,
outside your window
bootleg babies call to you lying among the mosquitos
that summer’s fever coming

Happy birthday. Hopefully you have some Vodka and mushrooms today.

I like Joy Division now, and I owe most of it to you. Thanks, buddy, and happy birthday.

Happy birthday SephK!!

Thanks, everyone, I appreciate your good wishes.

Happy Birthday, I had no idea you were 27. For some reason I was under the impression you were about four years younger.

Happy birthday SK,RPGC’s own Politics critic that is always right (or at least I hope so)

Very good Pic Sin.

Happy birthday

Happy birthday, oh eloquent one :wink:

Happy Birthday, SK ^^