…sorry, couldn’t resist. >.>

I never got what was so amusing about that. It’s just repetitive. Same with the Badger song. But I guess I’m jsut a boring soul.

Somehow, I saw this coming.

The joke is probably that, by the time DBZ ended, a power level of 9000 was freaking miniscule.

Hell by the end of the story arc it was miniscule. In fact why the hell would Vegeta be afraid of 9000 didn’t Freezia exeed 1000000 by his second or thrid form only to get pwnd in his fouth form by a Super Sayian.

Ok folks, settle, let’s not get into a serious discussion about DBZ power levels as if they were actually something to take seriously. Because they’re not. :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m going to make an RPG where there’s this multi-use item that works basically like “Scan” in Final Fantasy. It’ll read the enemy’s HP aloud, and explodes if said enemy’s HP is – put it like this – 9001 or higher.

funny how a lot of old games list hp over 9999 as ??? now that I think about it in relation to this.

No, that’s over 9999, not 9000.

And the character who uses it will say the phrase. Better yet, have them crush it on their own.

Damn, I want to go back and watch the episodes now x.x The old dub, not the new one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Who cares how high it goes. We all know that the battle will end with the Fuu-Sion-HA!! of Macgeta/Vegetacc/Mudd beating the crap out of Dark Macc over the course of a week of posing, faked drama, and the occasional explosion. :toast: p:unch::

Hopefully this will help you quell any desire to rewatch DBZ, Vicious.

Heh, your RPGC levels stand no chance against mine.

Yes they do.