Its on the tip of everyones tongue

ToB. Crave it. Look at all the nonsense on the boards. Its building up because theres nowhere to go, no place to turn. You know it in your heart to be true. The ToB must be ressurected. Band together my bretheren.


I join ur group

In all seriousness; no. Harmless fun != spam.

yes, but Spamming = harmless fun. (as proven by this forum)


Thus Eden demonstrates the truism all logic students know: if p->q it does not mean q->p.

Or, Shin, people just realized there can be a few fun threads on the Main Forum like there used to be. And the ones that are just stupid, namely Pierson’s and Hades’, get closed pretty much immediately.

And don’t try any sort of civil disobedience to bring the ToB back. Civil disobedience is still disobedience. And we CAN ban all of y’all. >:E