it's lunaris' birthday!

Happy birthday, lunarish.

Most of you won’t know this, but 2 years ago I made a “birthday card” for Lunaris. Since my attention is increasingly diverted elsewhere, I can’t make a new one. But since old things don’t die, here it is again for the next generation of RPGCers.

Lunaris doesnt live here anymore…

I mean, Happy Birfday LUNY!!! KTYAYAAHaH

Happy birthday Lun =D

Happy birthday, Lunaris! May the birthday troll bring you some new weapons! :smiley:

Happy birthday Lun!
(I’d give birthday hugs but I’d probably end up full of bullet holes.)

Haha, that card is great… And it’s new to me, so that makes it even better! :hahaha;

Happy birthday Lun! gives Lun his favorite cookies

Happy B-day! I salute thee, O lord of guns and typos! :victoly:

Here’s a present for ya. gives Lunaris an authentic Acme Midget-Launcher 2k

Happy Bday Lunny :smiley: May you never run out of bullets!

Happy Birthday Lunaris. Your name is sweet.

Happy birthday Lunny boy! :yipee:

Happy Birthday Lunaris.

Hapy Birthday Lunaris, live long and prosper or something!

<img src=“”> Happy birthday Lun. May your aim be true.

Happy Birthday Lunaris. As your present, I’m ripping this Female Lunaris drawing apart, and I’m not even so sneaky as to link to the drawing at the moment! :slight_smile:

May thy Gauss Jello Grenade Ventilator Miniguns never jam at the crititical moment…

(I’m ensuring that one already… detains Murphy)

Where’s the Mentat Cake!?

Happy B-day Lunaris!!!
gives Lunaris a nuke

Happy b-day, ya crazy typomancer!

Happy Birthday Lun!

Yeah, and all that stuff.

Nya, happy birthday~! =^.^=

Happy Birthday Lun!

Felix Natalis Dies, O Lunaris!