It's HOW popular?

According to the Google Zeitgeist (, the fourth most popular Google search in the last week was “Nintendo Revolution”, and the seventh most popular was “Advent Children”. O_o And here I thought Final Fantasy was just a niche market…

Well, there are a lot of nerds on the internet.

there are a lot of nerds period. you don’t have to look on the internet.

There’s nothing nerdy about likeing final fantasy. Heck, a lot of n00bs like it

Thank goodness this place is nerdfree.

:moogle: Yep nerd free. Not a single nerd to be found. <_<;;

Probably because the niche market searches for those terms every day

Not too related, but the second most viewed FAQ page in Gamefaqs is suddenly FF VII.

It isn’t, at least not online. It’s been topping the bittorrents too. I’m not at all surprised.

The net is also full of redneck and/or gay men, cause “kenny chesney” is the MOST popular search…

Um … what?

In the show Two and a Half Men, last episode the kid wanted to go to the video store to rent a Final Fantasy game.