it's about damned time! (FFX-2)

Finally, finally, finally FFX-2 is being released in the UK tomorrow.

And this isn’t just a problem with X-2 either. Square always take a sodding galatic eon to release games in the UK and Europe after they’ve been out in American for, what is it now, months? How long can it possibly take to localise for the UK? I understand that they have to translate into the other European languages, but why the hell can’t they just classify Britain as a seperate region from the rest of Europe? We’d get the games a shitload sooner for a start. This goes for every other games company in existence as well. Come on guys, realise that the UK and US speak the same damned language already.

There, rant over. Thoughts?

It has more to do with the standards rather than the languages. Europe as a whole uses PAL, whereas North America uses NTSC. It’s logistically complicated for them to release a single PAL version months earlier than the other PAL versions. I don’t know all the details, but that’s probably what’s behind it.

I understand the reasoning, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it- the whole “treat the UK as a seperate entity from Europe” would make things a lot easier, even if it would put the backs up of the entire EU… That said though, Square-enix do take ages with their localisation- okay, they have to translate a lot of stuff, but take, for example, MGS twin snakes- that ain’t exactly text-free and the delay there behind the US is only going to be a few weeks (Konami- very good at localising quickly). I’m sure there are other examples that I’m not remembering right now, but S-E do seem to treat Europe as a low priority right now. :too bad;

Counts birthday money

Yup, its mine.

I’m under the impression that all the voices for MGS: Twin Snakes, in BOTH versions, are English. So the only localization would be the text - and don’t forget that all the text is already translated. 8p From the half-hour trailer I saw, it seems like the conversations are exactly the same as in the PSX version, only the graphics are different.

Yes, Square releases games late in EU, but you guys are lucky and get all the cool International editions… 8(

Yeah, I know we’re probably being unreasonable, but surely there’s someway around it? I always remember the 9-month wait it took to transfer the first FFX to the EU, when the US had it, again, months before, AND Japan got FFX-Int before us, which had ENGLISH voices and subtitles (if selected). I know everyone has to pander to the Japanese market in some cases, but that’ just ridiculous.

FFX-2 isn’t worth whining about, if you ask me. Besides, Square lets you have the same crap they let Japan have, none of which we ever see here.