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so, only things left to do are:
-verify that byte 01 is item weight
-figure out how bytes 02, 03, 04, and 05 determine stat boosts and also find out if the mech stat boosts are in there somewhere
-determine what byte 08 does. it’s probably special defense (as opposed to elemental or status defense), and most items have 00, the most notable exception being raysword with 32.
-determine what the all the different types of special defense associated with byte 09 are. this will require that we also screw around with ability data to test it.
-determine what the rest of the status ailments associated with bytes 0a and 0b are. first we have to find what byte determines WHAT status ailments are added to an attack in the ability data to test this.

once we get all those, item data is COMPLETE!

Byte 08:
RaySword ------- 32 (00110010)
LightSword ----- 32 (00110010)
EasyRifle ------ 14 (00010100)
KillerRifle ---- 28 (00101000)
TroopRifle ----- 19 (00011001)
BehemothRifle – D8 (11011000)
LivingRifle ---- 0D (00001101)
LethalGun ------ 1E (00011110)
LightRifle ----- 64 (01100100)
JunkBazooka ---- 05 (00000101)
GhostCannon ---- 14 (00010100)
HyperionBazooka: 0A (00001010)
MissilePod ----- 64 (01100100)
BigMissle ------ 64 (01100100)
SuperMissle ---- 64 (01100100)
BeamSword ------ 14 (00010100)
MegaBeamSword – 14 (00010100)
Hammer --------- 0F (00001111)
LaserCannon ---- 19 (00011001)
RailCanon ------ 05 (00000101)
RailCannon ----- 05 (00000101)
RailCannon ----- 05 (00000101)
MachineVulcan – 05 (00000101)
LaserCannon ---- 19 (00011001)
LaserCannon ---- 19 (00011001)
JunkVulcan ----- 0A (00001010)
SatelliteBeam – 64 (01100100)
BitSystem ------ 64 (01100100)
RailCannon ----- 05 (00000101)
Magi-Water ----- 01 (00000001)
SanctuaryStone - 01 (00000001)

I’ve been looking at bytes 0A and 0B. They both appear to control Immunity to status ailments via a bit toggle. For 0A, 40 = Blind, and 80 = Petrification. The only other value besides C0 (40+80) and 00 is FF on LastRing, which appears to grant blanket immunity to ALL status afflictions (explaining why it’s equipped by nearly every boss in the game), so it may be that none of the other bits actually do anything. Alternatively, they might possibly be for Mec-only versions of Mess and Palsy. I may recall incorrectly, but while Mecs are immune to Mess and Palsy effects of skills that inflict those ailments on organics, I believe there are a few mec-oriented skills that can inflict those ailments upon mecs (and only mecs). If so, then there may be mec-only versions of those ailments, and the unknown bits of byte 0A may be where they are controlled.

For 0B:
01 = Poison (Unicorn Tear)
02 = Faint (BloodChalice). Instant Death; does NOT include LP attacks.
04 = Stun (Catsocks)
08 = “Move” (IronClogs). Presumably means push or knockback as from WaterCannon, Tackle, etc.
10 = Psychout (AngelBroach, Tao-TiehPattern). Appears to mean “Mess” and “Charm” (and possibly “Angry”?)
20 = Sleep
40 = Palsy
80 =

Items that say they protect against “sleep” have 60(20+40), and actually protect against both Sleep and Palsy. MysticWear (31) has bit 20 but not bit 40 and protects against Sleep but not Palsy, therefore 20 = Sleep, and 40 = Palsy.

I am not certain yet that Psychout means “Mess” and “Charm”, but several years back, I did extensive testing on an item called FovosGrail, which as far as I know can only be acquired by hacking. FovosGrail is 72 (02+10+20+40), and my notes determined that it protected against Palsy, Sleep, Mess, Charm, and Instant Death, but not Stun, Poison, Petrification, or Blind. This fits with what I found for 72 from other items, except for the missing Mess and Charm. Since there is no “Psychout” ailment, and both Mess and Charm are mental ailments that might be described as “psyching-out” one’s opponent, it seems reasonable to assume that Psychout means “Mess” and “Charm”. I have also read that there is an ailment called “Angry”. I can’t ever remember seeing it, but if it exists, it might perhaps be covered by Psychout as well. I will test all these ailments against AngelBroach and Tao-TiehPattern when I have time, to be certain, though if anyone could tell me what enemy ability[s] cause Angry (if any), that would be helpful.

Angry is like the rarest status effect in the entire game. I can’t remember where I’ve had someone afflict me with it, but I can at least give you the entry about it off the wiki:

  1. Angry: Characters affected by this status effect can not use techs. When choosing a method of attack, they will choose a target at random, or may not attack at all. Angry wears off after a few turns. Characters affected by Angry can not be affected by the status effects “Mess” or “Charm.”

Speaking of which, that is something worth noting: A character can only be afflicted by the one of the status effects “Mess” “Charm” or “Angry” at a time. That is, if your character has one of these, then status attacks that afflict other ones don’t work. I’d say this corroborates your theory that all three are connected.

For Shields:

Byte 00: Identifies item as Shield. All are 20.

Byte 01: Probably weight.

Byte 02: Amount of Mec Stat Boost. If HP, multiply this amount by 5.

Byte 03: Which Mec Stats will be boosted by Byte 02. Bit toggle.
00 = None
01 = STR
02 = QUI
04 = INT
08 = WIL
10 = PSY
20 = VIT
40 = CHA
80 = HP (multiply Byte 02 value by 5 for HP only)

Byte 04: Amount of Human/Mystic/Monster Stat Boost. Don’t know what bit 80 does, but ignore it for boost value.

Byte 05: Which Human/Mystic/Monster Stats will be boosted by Byte 04. Bit toggle, same values as Byte 03, above.

Byte 06: All are 00; ignored.

Byte 07: Appears to be relative Block Rate. Don’t know whether this should be expressed as x/100, x/256, etc, but experience suggests x/100 would be closer.

Byte 08: All are 00; ignored.

Byte 09: Immunties to Attack Types. Only Shield value in game is 08 (Water) on GenbuShield and Mizukagami.

Byte 0A: All are 00; ignored.

Byte 0B: All are 00; ignored.

Byte 0C: Attack Elements that can be Blocked. Bit toggle. Tentatively, it appears that if a Shield can Block any one of an attack’s Elements, it can Block the entire attack.
00 = None
01 = Status
02 = Force
04 = Electric
08 = Cold
10 = Heat
20 = Blunt
40 = Pierce
80 = Slash

Byte 0D: All are 00; ignored.

Byte 0E: All are FF; ignored.

Byte 0F: All are FF; ignored.

Bytes 10 & 11: Ability useable by item. Only set for DurahanShield; indicates DeathGaze can be used, but will display name of item instead.

Bytes 12-1B: All are FF; ignored.

Using this data, we can finally clear some of the mystery about what each shield can actually block, and how well they do it relative to each other.

Buckler:__________20 vs Slashing, Blunt
ShellShield:_______16 vs Slashing, Piercing, Blunt
ExcelShield:_______28 vs Slashing, Piercing, Blunt
GenbuShield:______24 vs Slashing, Piercing, Blunt, Cold; Immunity to Water
DragonShield:_____20 vs Slashing, Piercing, Blunt, Heat, Cold, Electric
Mizukagami:_______24 vs Slashing, Piercing, Blunt, Heat; Immunity to Water
DurahanShield:____22 vs Slashing, Piercing, Blunt, Heat, Cold, Electric, Force (i.e. everything but Status)
WonderBangle:____62 vs Piercing

BTW, what the heck do all these forums have against Tabs?! Is it so wrong for me to want things to look organized so people can make easy comparisons at a glance?!

Byte 08:
RaySword ------- 32 (00110010) 50
LightSword ----- 32 (00110010) 50
EasyRifle ------ 14 (00010100) 20
KillerRifle ---- 28 (00101000) 40
TroopRifle ----- 19 (00011001) 25
BehemothRifle – D8 (11011000) 216 (possibly 216 minus 256 = negative 40)
LivingRifle ---- 0D (00001101) 13
LethalGun ------ 1E (00011110) 30
LightRifle ----- 64 (01100100) 100
JunkBazooka ---- 05 (00000101) 5
GhostCannon ---- 14 (00010100) 20
HyperionBazooka: 0A (00001010) 10
MissilePod ----- 64 (01100100) 100
BigMissle ------ 64 (01100100) 100
SuperMissle ---- 64 (01100100) 100
BeamSword ------ 14 (00010100) 20
MegaBeamSword – 14 (00010100) 20
Hammer --------- 0F (00001111) 15
LaserCannon ---- 19 (00011001) 25
RailCanon ------ 05 (00000101) 05
RailCannon ----- 05 (00000101) 05
RailCannon ----- 05 (00000101) 05
MachineVulcan – 05 (00000101) 05
LaserCannon ---- 19 (00011001) 25
LaserCannon ---- 19 (00011001) 25
JunkVulcan ----- 0A (00001010) 10
SatelliteBeam – 64 (01100100) 100
BitSystem ------ 64 (01100100) 100
RailCannon ----- 05 (00000101) 5
Magi-Water ----- 01 (00000001) 1
SanctuaryStone - 01 (00000001) 1

LivingRifle ---- 0D (00001101) 13
i think this is part of mech stats. now, if only it actually made sense.

I think it’s just a coincidence that byte 08 for LivingRifle also has the value 0D. I don’t think byte 08 has anything to do with Mec stats, because bytes 02 and 03 are sufficient for those, even on the LivingRifle. 02 = 0D (13), and 03 = 7F (all stats but HP), which matches with what the LivingRifle does on a Mec. The 0D value in byte 08 isn’t necessary to convey Mec Stat Boost data, and byte 08 doesn’t appear to do so in other items, ergo it’s just a coincidence.

i think you’re probably right, but look at all those numbers! many of them match up to one stat boost or another for mechs. mostly hp.

Byte 04: Cursory glance suggests that bit 7 (80) indicates to DO a status raise based on byte 05. I’m not sure why certain items have 80, indicating to raise nothing, but this may be because if bit 7 is NOT set it does something else.

byte 04: 05
byte 05: 20

Obviously, HardLeather doesn’t give +5 VIT, and all the stat-up equips that I’ve seen so far have had bit 7 set–PowerBelt, for example, has 94 and 01, indicating +20 STR.

LaserKnife: — 0A 0B
CeramicSword: - 0D 01
TwinSword: ---- 0A 09
Osc-Sword: ---- 0F 09
JackalSword: – 10 11
CometBlade: — 19 03
Obsidian: ----- 19 03
Kusanagi: ----- 19 03
Murakumo: ----- 0F 03
DragonSword: – 1E 01
SilverMoon: — 19 03
GoldenLion: — 19 11
Lordstar: ----- 14 0B

KillerRifle: - 19 08
EagleGun: ---- 0D 0A
SniperRifle: - 0D 0A
BehemothRifle: 0A 2A
AGUNI-MBX: — 10 2A
DuelGun: ----- 14 2A
ZenGun: ------ 14 1A
LethalGun: — 14 2A

HandBlaster: — 07 0A
LaserCarbine: – 0D 0A
HyperBlaster: – 19 0A
BeamCannon: ---- 0F 28
LightningCannon: 0F 28
SonicCannon: — 14 0A
WaterCannon: — 0A 28
JunkBazooka: — 05 09
LightVulcan: — 08 2A
MachineVulcan: - 12 2A
Thunderbolt: — 14 28
FlameThrower: – 14 28
BoltThrower: — 14 28
IonCannon: ----- 0F 0A
GrainCannon: — 0A 22
HG-Cannon: ----- 1E 0A
GhostCannon: — 0A 10
LightBazooka: – 0F 08
HEATBazooka: — 1E 08
HyperionBazooka: 28 08
BODDYBazooka: – 08 29
MissilePod: ---- 0F 09
BigMissle: ----- 14 09
SuperMissle: — 19 09

LaserCannon: — 0C 05 (at 2A330)
RailCanon: ----- 2D 02
LaserCannon: — 05 3C (at 2A49C)
RepairPack: ---- 14 0C (at 2A560)
OctopusBoard: – 19 0B
NakajimaBoard: - 1E 02 (at 2A598)
NakajimaBoard: - 0F 0E (at 2A5B4)
V-Special: ----- 0F 7F
V-System: ------ 0F 7F
JunkParts: ----- 03 03
RailCannon: ---- 19 A8 (at 2A624)
MemoryBoard: — 19 04
SecretBoard: — 0F 04

HardLeather: – 05 20
ArmorVest: ---- 05 20
BlueElf: ------ 0F 14
PlutoArmor: — 14 30
SprigganSuit: - 19 07
GolemSuit: ---- 1E 01

YolkHat: — 01 0C
MirrorGlass: 19 0C

LeatherGlove: 05 01
SH-Armlet: – 14 21

LeatherBoots: 05 02
Catsocks: — 05 02
SH-Anklet: – 14 22

SanctuaryStone: FF FF

That’s all the items that don’t have bit 7 set in byte 04. Bytes 04 and 05 are listed (in that order.)

Well, I included SanctuaryStone for gits & shiggles. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Well it seems nothing on that list has byte 04 set to 00…interesting? My dunno…

does hard leather give +5 vit to a mech?

Yes, it does.

Ahhh! So if bit 7 is NOT set those stats apply to Mecs, too…?


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I’ve been meaning to post this for ages–you all may have figured it out already, but I’ll post it now anyway, just for clarity.

Bytes 02 and 03 control stat boosts for Mecs only, as previously discussed. Bytes 04 and 05 control stat boosts for EITHER Mecs OR Humans/Mystics/Monsters, depending on whether bit 80 is set. If 80 is set, the boost applies to H/M/M only; otherwise it applies to Mecs only. The confusion stemmed from the fact that in many cases, the value is just 80, meaning “give H/M/M a stat boost…of 0” followed by a 00 in byte 05, meaning “apply the H/M/M stat boost of 0 to the following stats: …none”. In other words, there was no point in setting bit 80, but they did it anyway, apparently just to confuse us.

Also, for byte 07, what do you guys mean by “reloadable”? Just whether or not the gun continues to function (although drastically reducing the user’s speed) even with 0 Ammo? Or is there actually some way to put Ammo back into a gun during battle that is so secret I’ve never found it?

EW: I have tried a few item mods using the save state values -280h, but have seen no success. I tried 3002A1CE 000A to change the Mec Equip MachineVulcan’s byte 06 from 8A->0A, in the hopes of making the awful thing removeable, with no luck. I’ve also tried 3002AF0A 0032 to change the FovosGrail’s byte 06 from 01->32, to increase its default defense from 1->50 as a test, but I don’t think it worked, since it still only increased its wearer’s visible DEF by 1 when equipped. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Also, for byte 07, what do you guys mean by “reloadable”? Just whether or not the gun continues to function (although drastically reducing the user’s speed) even with 0 Ammo? Or is there actually some way to put Ammo back into a gun during battle that is so secret I’ve never found it?

it just determines if the weapon, when it reaches zero ammo, will go back to max. it only gives a speed penalty the turn in which you run out of ammo. and if you run out of ammo during a turn when you use an attack that requires mulitple bullets, it’ll reduce the number of shots that appear in the animation and the attack power. which is why light rifle sucks. it might look like it has 80+ attack power, but with only one shot, it actually has a fraction of that, unless you just attack with the gun alone.

Bytes 02 and 03 control stat boosts for Mecs only
i was messing around with all the stat boost bytes, and i gave lute’s light sword +35 for several stats and +15 for a few others, so there must be a way to get both sets of stat boost bytes to work together for non-mechs.

Nice work, Vimes. Now that I look for it, there is one item that naturally has bit 80 set in byte 02–the RaySword. Bytes 02-05, it has B2 A0 99 7F. If we take byte 02, bit 80 to mean "apply this boost to H/M/M only, NOT Mecs), then these values tell us it will give H/M/M 250 HP, 75 VIT, and 25 to all other stats, and give Mecs nothing…which is exactly what RaySword does.

Therefore, both byte-pairs (02-03, and 04-05) default to boost Mecs, but if byte 02 or 04 has bit 80 set, then the boost from that byte-pair will apply to H/M/M instead.

I haven’t used the LightRifle recently, but if it works similarly to the DuelGun, which also has only 1 Ammo, then it only sucks if you use Techs that require more than 1 bullet. That rules out group attacks, yes, but in my experience, BoundShot is by far the most effective single-target Gun Tech, and it only requires 1 bullet. BoundShot works just as well with the DuelGun as with, e.g. the LethalGun (5 Ammo), even if used multiple times per battle, so against single targets, I wouldn’t necessarily say the DuelGun/LightRifle suck.

i do all my modding via *.psv save state, if that’s what you’re asking. data diving requires i first find/modify stuff in save state, then look for it in the scus or whatever. i don’t have the knowlege to debug yet.

and i’ve been screwing around with item inherent abilities again… i recommend you give a sword moonscraper, just to see it in all it’s awesome pizza-ness.