It would appear that HTE2 finally kicked the bucket...

I tryed to get on there this morning and keep getting the good old page cannot be displayed error. Could one of you try it and see if it ain’t just my comp being screwy?

Page Cannot Be Displayed.

guess it finally died. that games been in its death throes for a couple of months, but I wasn’t expecting it to die quite so soon. I guess the guy who ran it (who hasn’t been heard from since early April) must’ve stopped paying for the hosting. Oh well, may it rest in peace.

What WAS it?

“Hunted To Extinction 2.” It was this PHP game where you made a party of four FF1/FF3/FF5-style heroes and fought other parties thereof.

Yeah, I stopped playing it a while back. All it was was a bunch of freaks at level 99 idling and beating on people at a low level. But here’s my replacement for it it’s not an HtE thing, but it’s Triple Triad :stuck_out_tongue:

Y’know, that sequence obscurely kinda reminds me of the turn PSO took: Two action installments, and then we get a card game. :3


The game seems alright. The card one that is. I never played HtE.

Goddamn i hated triple triad. I never got most of the final weapons in FF8 cause i sucked so bad at TT i couldnt get the cards i needed to refine.

That and most of the NPC’s rocked at it.

Hey, I resemble that remark! Well, 'cept for the fact that I didn’t beat up on low levels unless they asked. I’ll miss my loyal servants: Kenshin, Himura, Aoshi, and Shinomori. In the end they were all ninja with speed up and dismissal, abusing the ninja’s innate two swords.

Resemble? You mean resent?

Speaking of Triple Triad, did anyone play Triple Triad X? It’s dead now, but it rocked in it’s time as it had cards from all the FF games.

No I meant resemble: I was one of the idle level 99s (the game titled us demigods) that was always on for about 2 months.

Blasphemer! Do not show thine ass here again until thow … I mean, uh, thou hast seen some Three Stooges!