It was the only way he could level up.

Lord British became the sixth tourist to space. Richard Garriott created one of the first rpg series (the Ultimas), introduced a pseudo-3D environment more advanced than Doom the same year Wolfenstein 3D came out (Ultima Underworld) and virtually created the MMORPG genre (Ultima Online). It seems his dad was also an astronaut and Richard just became the first second-generation astronaut.

I read somewhere he also has a marketing plot for his Tabula Rasa game with DNA strands or something like that, but anyway.

At least his strength didn’t go up on this level up, and at least he didn’t learn Meteo.

I wish I would have played Ultima Online

Something I regret every day of my life…

Oh yeah I remember Ultima, I had some friends who played it. Seemed OK.

I don’t get it. What’s the appeal of this? Just to be able to say you did it?

Going to space?

Man, Curtis, we talked about this in that other thread. Traveling is about experiencing new perspectives on life.

Oh wait. This is in space.

Yeah, it is kind of ridiculous. But hey, you would get a new look at the world at least. :ah-ha!:

He’s probably out there looking for that black monolith.

That’s bound to be a change of perspective if there ever was one. Traveling to space should be Lovecraft lite.

I don’t think there should be a “just” before the ability to say “Oh, Hawaii sounds nice. I was in outer goddamned space last weekend.”

True. I guess its sort of like the same impulse that drives people to skydive. You’re in a tin can in outerspace. Its scary and risky as hell.

Oh what the hell, you’re probably all scoffing at me. “You mean he really doesn’t get why its cool to be in outerspace?” I really don’t get it :stuck_out_tongue:

Look at that.