It Returns!

Probably. Kind of. Hopefully. We’ll see.

The entire reason it was absent for the majority of the past year was due to me working on my Masters. That’s done now, and while I’m in the job-hunting phase I am no longer up to my eyes in work at least.

So I’ll try to actually do that ‘regular updates’ thing again for awhile.

Also, I really should’ve made a ‘JUSDIE ZELLO!’ joke, I suppose I fail.

Welcome back, Spoony. Congratulations on getting your Masters. Good luck with the job hunting too. :slight_smile:

And for NOT making that awful joke, you pass. :smiley:

So what did you call them?

Spoony Man? Zeekyboogydoo Man? Shoop Man?

…you know too much.

And this is why you are dead. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you were talking about Stephen King’s It… which goes into hibernation for a period of 20 odd years and is about due for a reappearance :wink:

No it isn’t; it’s quite dead thank you. At least in the novel- King’s stories have a habit of being almost completely changed when adapted- the ending of “Needful Things” for example, is not only different in the movie, it’s almost completely opposite (The Devil got his ass handed to him, with a little Divine help.)

Thank you?

zomg, were you one of those kids that defeated it?