It is my birthday finally.

My birthday is today and I turn 19. :dancer: I am proud to say that I am adding one more year on :ark:. I hope you people will wish me a happy birthday beacuse you guys and girls are the best. :kissy: :dancer:

Happy Birthday, then. What will you do now that you’re legal? ; )

:wave: -Happy BD!

Happy Birthday Fontana.


:kissy: Why thank you guys. I haven’t figure out yet what I will do.

Stay far away from you, I bet. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I mean, happy birthday.

Happy Birthday! 8)

EDIT: You should update your profile to show your new age.

Yeah, happy birthday, ‘n’ stuff. I’ve got something for you, but I’d intended to post it in the other thread. :3

Happy Burfday.


Happy birthday Fontana. Well you survived another year, can you do it again?

We should have a Toad smiley. But Frog will have to do:

:no2: Good work, Fontana! But your death is in another year!

Happy birthday Fontana. Planning to do anything?

Happy Birthday :wave: :victoly:

now in L33tSp33k
h4pP! 81r+hd4y

In two months, I’ll be at the first of many absolutely meaningless birthdays(22 :no2: ) . I wish I was 17 again. sigh. Last year was my last birthday with any meaning , I was oficially[sic] legal to :toast: in the US last year.

Who’re you and why should I wish you a happy birthday again? oO

I mean.

Happy birthday :smiley:

I dont know you, but… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOU!

And many more…

And Cammy says Merry Christmas… I have no clue why. England is funny that way.

Happy Birthday.
Here’s a little bundle of cuteness for you to enjoy.

What is it with you and that obsession with these creatures? :stuck_out_tongue: I EAT those things :stuck_out_tongue:

[looks at DT’s avatar] I dunno. What’s up with all this combining of “cute” and “evil”?

YAY! Birthday song for you!

One year less to live day for you, WOO WHOO!
I’ma gonna live longer than you!
Unless I get assasinated…WHOO WHOOOOOOOOO!