It is dark.

Are there any girls, because I would feel them up and tell them it was a grue/the 984/Edward Carnby.


grue. lol.

>gets eaten by a grue

I hear so many funny sounds. And I have no clue as to where they’re coming from.

… Rabid meese biting me in the nose ;_;

What’s a grue? ::dekar!::

I found a cookie!! ^_^–o

Grues, oh no!

I’m also bartending. In the dark.

G & T please.

It is dark, and hell is hot.

I always pick the option involving The 984. It’s a rich Southern tradition.

Hell yeah.

All of the above, in listed order.

EEEK! Rabid meese! D:

I am alone. In the dark.I find a cookie!Yay!I hear a funny sound and then run into this poll!Then get attacked by a grue,but I fight it off with my computer charger.

You lose at the internet. Grue cannot be battled.

I put on my robe and wizard’s hat.

Just that? Kinky.