It escapes me why...

I’ve travelled in both coach and first class, and I have to say the food in first class is bearable. It’s nothing spectacular on the airlines I’ve been on, but it hasn’t been crap either. Now coach…completely different story. Coach food, on every single airline I’ve been on, is absoutely terrible. TERRIBLE. I had it once, when I was seven, and then never again. The memory of it is so vivid it makes me vaguely queasy to this day. Even the water tasted awful.

Delta Airlines is the worst. If you fly on it, never, EVER eat their food. First class or coach. It will almost always make you sick.

Did you just survive off peanuts for eight hours then for the Europe? :stuck_out_tongue:

I always fly first or business class, and the food is awesome there. Mostly. -high fives sorc-

and the article you posted doesn’t count. dude, it’s british airways. Since WHEN are the british famous for their food (in a good way)?

The last two flights I’ve been on that served food, I was in first class (One from my dad’s airmiles, one from overbooking). They were both 3 hours flights during the afternoon, so all I had was an apetizer, but it was decent. Quality of about a quick 5 minute prepared lunch at home.

I’ve been hearing that the flying experience (food in particular) is way way worse in North America compared to other areas. Most people who have flown in this area probably found it a very painful experience, I know I always do. Can anyone confirm or deny this rumor?

When I flew AA, they didn’t serve food. Just pretzels, and depending on if it was the cheapy plane or the big one determined what size soda you’d get in coach. When I flew continental to ny the food was the microwaved stuff. I may be weird, but I liked it and ate my friend’s microwaved burger when she decided it was disgusting. We also got salad, that was good. I haven’t flown much though, so I really wouldn’t know about other flights.

I think it depends on the airline. When I took a flight from Chicago to London on American Airlines in coach, the food was actually not that bad. Now, flying on a prop plane from Munster Germany, to Amsterdam…all they gave us were these awful crackers that tasted like cardboard, and a little cup of soda.

It very much depends on the airline, not so much on the location (unless of course it’s a regionl airline, I mean duh)

Worse than hospital food on most airlines. Last time I traveled, it was bread with butter, with a slice of cheese or ham as optional extra.

BTW, is it only me, or they never give you toothpicks in airplanes?

You think McD’s is better than airplane food?

Edit: Air France food is awesome. Free wine and cheese!

They used to have a professional cook on the Concord as people complained that for what they were paying, the food was less than steller. They ended up hiring a professional cook, and remodling the kitchen area. So up untill one of the Concords crashed, they had very good food.

That says it all, lol

Having just walked off a plane last night, I can tell you that the food on both of my westjet flights was awesome. Seriously. It was very good, I’d give it a B+ or A-.

Consider though, that I spent the week in mexico were the food was like eating vomit off a dead dog. =) The flight down had a nice sammich though.

I know that MOST aeroplane food is terrible, and well, having flown on AirCanada, I’d agree with you. Westjet though, was generally good.

Just always make sure to have a chocolate bar or something with you.


Last time I flew, I enjoyed the food.

We had a roast dinner: beef, potatoes and carrots all buried under some kind of gravy flavoured skin, which tasted better than it probably sounds. Cheese crackers and chocolate mousse for dessert too.

I flew with Brithish Airways twice and they had pretty good food.