It escapes me why...

People continue to want food on airplanes.,1371,1547320,00.html

I mean, anyone who’s traveled knows how absurdly awful airplane food is. Its torture. I bring my own food and spare myself the ordeal of having to deal with this equivalent to hospital food. I just can’t describe how airplane food disgusts me. The thought of it removes my appetite. Why are these things still in business? Why isn’t there a company that provides good food? If I had a flight that served good food, I’d take that company over one that had shit food. If flights had no food, like I usually do, I just stop by McD’s or some shit in the terminal.

What do you guys think of airplane food?

I’ve never been on a flight that served a meal, even the to and back flight to Europe. :confused:

I do like the peanuts though. :slight_smile:

Hey, when I was hospitalised for two nights, the food there was pretty good. Especially the soup. All the airplane food I’ve had however sucked horribly. I feel kind of bad saying that though, since the people serving the food were usually polite.

Business class food ROCKS.
Well okay, not rocks, but it’s WAY better then hospital food.

I find it amusing that one of those catering companies has Gourmet in it’s name.

I’ve only had airplane food a couple of times, but I do remember them as being dry, and odd-textured. Not horrible, but still.

And is it me, or does the soda taste watered-down, even though its canned?

When my moms boss sends us somewhere for vacation or something, we usually fly buisness/first class. I don’t really fly except for then, and the foods not that bad - they let you keep the can, you get like, 2 free drinks…stuff like that. It’s not as horrible as coach.

I’ve only had it a couple times. The first was like an over-microwaved TV dinner. The second was a sandwich. The pretzels I got were so salty I felt it gave me kidney stones after the first one.

Easy. They need something to down the cheap wine with.
I’m yet to be on a flight that hasn’t served food and beverages.

I always give my food to the person on my side.

Y’know, I pack those little trays into those trolleys they’re handed out of for work, but I don’t deal with the consumables on it… (Well, I deal with those cans of water/juice and rolls by placing them at times … but they actually tend to go down with most passengers…)

… Over here in Finland, mind you.

My whole family got to go to First Class once for no extra charge. We got salads and all this restaurant like stuff. I mean, not worth paying fifty more dollars for your seat but it was still pretty darned good.

Otherwise, I stay away from all that other food they serve.

I’ve had it several times, it’s one step up from a “hot pocket”

Uh, I actually like airplane food… so far. <.< From the few airline companies I’ve tried, Lufthansa had the best meals ever (their catering company, at least). We even got a delicious exclusive chocolate dessert for Easter.

The catering company in Vancouver for Air Canada was on strike last time I went there, so we only got peanuts, which was all right, but the bags contained, like, 3 peanuts.

I, uh, haven’t been on an airplane that was a long enough trip in like over a decade, so I dunno.

I think it’s pretty ironic that the airlines have cut all food services from their flights, yet you can still get as much Makers Mark as you want.

Of course, first class food is better than coach! (The free, all you can drink within reason booze helps too, ha ha.) I’ve only been on domestic flights with American carriers, so I have no idea about experiences outside this range.

I’ve had breakfast, lunch, dinner, and “snacks” in first class. There are definitely more options with the higher class of service, and I appreciate that. With coach the highest level I’ve seen recently is the lunch bag, but I’m not really into the cold sandwich scene. The first class food is all right though quality-wise. I totally prefer bringing my own snacks anyway - I’m really not even into having a meal on a plane. I like Southwest’s snack box though - they have good stuff in there along with puzzles! :smiley:

edit - This was a bit disjointed, but the most important part was the booze. And how it’s free in first class.

would you rather eat airplane food for the rest of your life? better to bring something that you WOULD like

I never eat the food they serve, but I usually eat 1, occaisionally 2, meals a day, and just make them really huge. It’s a lot easier. Anyway, yeah, so, I usually jsut give it to the person next to me.

or you could give the food away like he said :cool: