ISP Patch

I wasn’t sure where to put this, so I did it here. I’m really interested in making a patch for a snes game, is there a place where I can find a tutorial for this? I guess I could look on Zophar’s, but I’m too lazy. Could someone post a linkie?

Just download SNESTool. (Do a Google search.) You can click the original file, then the changed file, and voila, out comes an ISP file.

You may want to try moving this topic to the “Yonin No Translators” forum, as they deal specifically with this kind of stuff. Or contact RedComet/Crotanks, as they run a translation/patching subsite on RPGC called Twilight.

You can also try asking in the forums here:

Or check this site out, they used to be the biggest translation site around:

Oh wow. Thanks guys, I have experience in rom hacking, I didn’t realize it was that easy. Thanks a lot.