Isometric RPGs and popcorn.

So I’ve been playing Arcanum alot. I play it too much, so much It makes my friends mad at me… So heres a question:

What are some games that are up to the same quality level of Arcanum that I should look for? I’ve been looking for a copy of Fallout and Fallout2, I know there was a bundle pack released a while back. But other than fallout, please give suggestions.

And before you say it, I have Baldurs Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast… I hate it.

More arcanum style as far as speed and layout.

Icewind Dale, but since you hate Baldur’s Gate you won’t like it. Hmm…

You could try Star Wars KOTOR. It’s not an isometric RPG, but still a great game. Other than that, I have no idea.

I just hated Baldurs Gate cause it was based off of AD&D 2nd edition, which blows ass. If Icewind Dale is D&D 3rd then I’d love it. Oh and, I have Never Winter Nights too.

Then Icewind Dale 2 will be perferct for you.