Isn't it a wee bit early for this?

Sony developing next-next-generation processor

The PS3 isn’t even out yet, not even revealed… a bit early to start work on the PS4, no?

Man, nintendo and sony have very different ideas on when to start work on new systems. I’ll say that much.

Not if they’re going to rule THE WORLD ECONOMY!! AHHAHAH!!!

It can also reduce the size of the chips, allowing the manufacturer to efficiently produce more chips out of a single wafer.
mmmmm wafer

It’s not work on a PS4, they are just saying that a gaming machine could utilize the the chip. With how consoles are developed the chip would be the likely chip for a PS4 due to overall timing of the chips release.

*Insert Penny Arcade strip here"

Oh, an improved Cell chip, hmm? When’re they going to make a Perfect Cell chip? And a Maijin Buu chip?

After they make those? :stuck_out_tongue: