Isn't Brother Yuna's cousin?

I find this a little disturbing. If Cid is Yuna’s uncle, doesn’t that make Brother Yuna’s cousin? I think Brother is some kind of sicko, because he obviously has the hots for his own cousin!

You’re very right. 8)

suddenly, bluegrass music comes piping in

There’s nothing wrong with that. I personally know two sets of first cousins who are married, and I live in a city of several million people, not in the 'burbs somewhere. :sunglasses:

yeah, I think it’s when you start getting into closely related blood that it gets icky. Though i admit I do have a few cases of the jibblies when i consider all the Yuna/Rikku porn out there.

Man, this thread is fucked up.

Yeah, Brother is Yuna’s cousin. And what’s so wrong about thinking your cousin is hot?

It isn’t the first tiem Square ahs ahad this sort of thing in their games. In Xenogears, Margie and Bart are cousins, but theya re also suppose to get married or something like that.

Isn’t Brother Yuna’s cousin?
I find this a little disturbing. If Cid is Yuna’s uncle, doesn’t that make Brother Yuna’s cousin? I think Brother is some kind of sicko, because he obviously has the hots for his own cousin!

In the past, it was a common occurrence to have cousins being married. All European roylty is somehow related. King George V of England and Czar Nicholas II of Russia looked like twins.

Are they from Hasidic community by any chance?

Depends what you mean. If you mean “Orthodox Jew” like me, then yes. If you mean Chasidic as in the people who walk around in black hats and coats everywhere, then no.

The real issue is whether or not Brother knows that Yuna is his cousin. I think there were a couple of lines in FFX which suggested that he did, but in FFX-2 he’s so brain-dead it’s doubtful whether or not he knows how many fingers he has. :sunglasses:

the idea that cousins shoudlnt marry is a pretty modern ideal. As it was pointed out, marriage between cosins was very much condoned in the olden times. The idea is that you marry within your own tribe so you dont let outsiders in. If say, Queen Bunny decided to marry someone outside the royal family, it would broaden the royal family and spread out the wealth. Wheras, if she married her cousin, the royal line would stay intact, and wouldnt branch out to “lesser” folks.
This is much the same reason the jews married their cousins. If they married outside their tribe, they would bring in an outside influence, and outide influence in Judaism = bad news. The idea of the culture is to be set aside as a culture, to be different(or holy). Now, my knowlege of modern judaism is kinda vauge… i always fount ancient culture more interesting than modern culture.
As for my own person views… It all depends if you are “close”. It’s really hard for me to describe without double-talking, or setting a hypocritical standard. If you are raised together, spent a lot of time growing up together, then i would consider such a relationship morally wrong, for a broad base of reasons. While, if you never met your cousin before, and are attracted to them, it’s completely understandable that you would seek out a relationship with them…
Like the joke, “If you go to a family reunion to meet women…” I can honestly say i have said on my occasions “damn man… if only she wasnt my cousin”. Once i did actually learn that i was related to one of my more distant cousins through an adoption… hmm(wonders why he never got her number and called)

Well, in modern Judaism the only caveat is that you have to marry a Jew (and fulfil a few other basic incestual laws like no adultery and no marrying your sister). Other than that it doesn’t matter. Societal norms is something else, and there’s some pressure there to marry people who conform to your idea of religion etc. (then again, if you marry someone who doesn’t, chances are quite high that you’ll have major problems down the road).

While I agree with Cid on the last point, I just want to note that still, marrying cousins does put the kids at greater risk for recessive genetic problems. Cousins are 1/16th related, which makes it dramatically riskier than having a kid have a 1/4000 chance of having something through parents randomly meeting each other. As noted with cystic fibrosis issues through out certain communities to name one. I’m not saying Cid’s wrong, I just want to note a risk.

hahaha this is getting pretty technical. I think it’s kinda wierd and gross. Though I never really thought of Yuna and Brother as cousins in the first place, I dunno why. They didn’t seem like cousins. Well, I’m sure they don’t seem like cousins to anyone, though my cousins are a lot different from me… but anyway…

Not just royalty: apparently both Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison married their first cousins.

I’ve also read that the risk of disabilities in children born to parents who are first cousins only raises by 2%, giving them a grand total of a 4% risk. Of course, it never listed which disabilities they were referring to; all or just some. I thought it was interesting, but I read it several years ago and it might not–for whatever reason–be true anymore, if it even was in the first place.

And besides, even if Brother thinks Yuna is attractive and what not, that is okay. Cause we know that nothing will ever happen between the two of them (Yuna not being the sort of person to allow it).

Hell, as long as nothing ever happens between family members, I feel it is okay to have a crush, or whatever, on a family member.

In FFX Brother couldn’t get close to Yuna, 1. Cid Would tell him to “sit back Down, Boy!” (I don’t do Cid’s Accent). 2. He’s Flying the Ship and didn’t have time to be looking back. I mean he couldn’t let it out without a telling off from Pa. Plus that Titus wouldn’t let him. Does That ship have a Auto-Pilot?

In FFX-2, Brother Doesn’t have Pa to tell off and Yuna is now single again in Brothers eyes. Plus he thinks getting the High Summoner, will gain several Points on the Manilness scale. (from -1,000,000).

Big Nutter
Plus 2 viewing of the FFX-2 trailer got my impersataion of FFX-2 Brother on a girl that looked like Rikku!!

It doesn’t bother me that much, really. Partly, I think, that is because they just recently met, and maybe partly because Yuna is only half Al-Bhed, anyway, so her bloodline seems farther removed from his than it might be under other circumstances. It is true that some societies don’t frown on cousins marrying as much as ours does, and there certainly was a time when people didn’t seem to think anything of it at all. But it is also true that it couldn’t possibly matter either way, because Yuna would never get involved with Brother regardless of their family ties. Her attitude toward him seems to be amused tolerance. And I don’t think he thinks of her as a cousin, simply because he hasn’t known her that long, and met her because of her “job” rather than in some family context. So, to Brother, Yuna is just a High Summoner and a hot babe.

By the way, why do the Al-Bhed kids wear the Jules Verne suits and the adults wear next to nothing?

Timber, that’s kind of where i was going with the “how close the cosins are”. Like, if you married a chick, and then 10 years later she does some geneolgy to get a nice idea of your history, and find out she’s the daughter of a stripper your dad knocked up when he was 17… i mean, does that make you a pervert? “say it isnt so !” right ? (i loved that movie) but weirdass coincidences like that DO and HAVE happened before. Hell, my dad was pretty permiscuous in his youth, i could find a nice hot chick (with thos irresistable viking features) and learn later she’s my illegitamit sister. Victim of circumstance and fates sick sense of humor…
But that strays from the topic. If it;s birth defects you are worried about, it isnt just a matter of incest, but it’s all hereditary, and sometimes marrying your first cousin could actually lower your chances of having birth defects. For example, if i were to marry some girl who’m i know nothing about, and her family has a history of sickle-cell, there is a higher risk of our children being born with it. While, if i married my cousin, and my family has a long history having no birth defects, the chances of our child being born with them lower… It;s all circumstantial, once you really think about it… Even morality and law are circumstantial in my book… in the end, it’s all about conforming to what society deems an acceptible moral code… (possible why christianity is so popular)

EDIT: by “whom i know nothing about” i mean “whose geneological history i know nothing about”