Is this forum still alive?

I have a lot of Saga Frontier stuff to talk about. Is this forum still alive?

Kinda, I guess. I can try to hang around and chat of SaGa Frontier stuff unfortunatly I’ve only played Frontier 2 since I can’t find SF1 long enough to get it. SaGa games for the GameBoy I can help with.

Talk about all the SaGa Frontier stuff you want.

The problem ultimately is we need momentum in order to get discussion going. However for most people the thought is “No one is going to respond so why should I bother?” Even I have that thought sometimes in these situations.

There is SaGa discussion out there, but the hard part is getting some of the more heavy discussers to say join this place and embrace this forum with their discussion ways.

Either way keep trying, I do check this forum on occasion and I do respond to some of the posts. I also love SaGa Frontier so there are some elements of it I can discuss. Such as how lovely and perfect Princess Rei is. Slaps anyone who dares to deny the truth

I guess not to many people feel like talking about SaGa games, a shame really

What makes it a shame is that there has been a decent amount of discussion in the past. Then there is also the fact if you visit Gamefaqs, some SaGa forums are still alive and kicking. Such as SaGa Frontier. Granted it’s not an explosion of posts, but there is still discussion.

Part of me wonders what ultimately killed the motivation to post here? Granted part of it still boils down to “Why bother if no one is going to reply?”, but something else had to lead up to that point. It’s probably a case of multiple factors in the end.

It may have something to do with the fact that about 5 people actually look on this thread. Or it might have something to do with the series being left unchanged for the 2 years(5 if you don’t count remakes). Hell even Shining Force games are on the rise again. Just thinking about that makes me sad.(not that Shining Force is a lesser series it just seemed like a ninch title.):too bad:

It is for certain that a new game would spark some interest for awhile. Speaking of discussion the topic creator has said that he wanted to discuss SaGa Frontier. Yet he hasn’t actually tried to make a topic about it. He’s even only created one post here.

Which is an example of what I mean. If one really wants a discussion, they need to start it. They can’t rely on others. Especially if we’re not sure which aspect of SaGa Frontier or SaGa in general someone wants to discuss.

Still in the end, we should spend less time feeling sorry for ourselves and more time making an effort to discuss things. It doesn’t have to be ultra-detailed discussions that enlighten the universe. Just stuff to get things flowing.

In other words something like a topic called “Which characters do you replay as the most in SaGa Frontier?” would be better than nothing. It wouldn’t be a deep discussion, but it would work.

I am a new LBP fan and am still going through the games story levels. Then I will go to the community and start adding my levels, I have a few Ideas running around in my head

I only use this board because it doesn’t archive or delete threads, which is really useful for data diving.

The reason no one posts here is all the reasons mentioned above, along with:

  1. Why should someone join and post here when the gamefaqs SaGa Frontier board (Romancing SaGa: MS’s board is pretty lively too.) is alive,


  1. No one knows about this place. Partly because it’s a sub-board on a somewhat comatose forum, partly because there’s no reason for anyone to come here. Not to call you out or anything SG, but if you, or someone else, could revive the SaGa Maniac Shrine, or make something like it which includes info on any newer games, remakes and such, this board would get a lot more traffic.

Someone pointed out on GameFAQs that, while SaGa fans are few and far between, they’re usually very fond of the series, or at least a specific game. The obscurity of the game is another reason this board is slow.

It’s also due to the fact that SaGa games don’t come often enough to really generate a buzz. The last SaGa game to come out was Romancing SaGa way back in '05 and it’s only been since late '08 did word of SaGa 2 receiving a remake was dropped. It doesn’t help that the last non-remade SaGa game to come out (not counting The Last Remnant) was Unlimited back in '03 (which wasn’t received very well either).

Then of course Romancing SaGas 2 and 3 are still officially sitting in Japan adding yet another barrier of entry to the series. It’s amazing that this site had this forum to begin with.

I’d like to think that this entire forum is populated by zombies.

Yeah, memories is all that’s really left for SaGa fans given how dead the series is. But then again Squeenix isn’t doing too well these days either. Mostly Dragon Quest stuff and we’re barely even getting that. Everything else from the old Squaresoft days is dead and buried save for Final Fantasy, and that’s more of a lumbering zombie on the brink of death.

That said, I think SaGas 2 and 3 on the DS got translation patches put out on the internet so there’s that at least.